12th Session of the UNESCO Forum for Gender Equality with Marie-Andrée Lamontagne, biographer and novelist

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Marie-Andrée Lamontagne, writer, editor, journalist and translator 12th Session of the UNESCO Forum for Gender Equality  

This cycle of events features artists from various disciplines whose work focuses on otherness: Renée Lavaille, visual artist, Celine El Masri, film director, Monique LaRue, novelist and essayist, and playwright Carole Fréchette. Marie-Andrée Lamontagne, novelist and biographer, will complete the cycle by describing the tension between here and elsewhere in the novels of Anne Hébert, author of Kamouraska.

Each meeting includes a presentation by the guest artist on her work, followed by an exchange and a discussion with the public.

"So close and yet so far. Quebec as a province of France in the work of Anne Hébert".

Marie-Andrée Lamontagne is a writer, editor, journalist and translator. She has published texts of fiction and criticism in various literary magazines in Quebec and France (Liberté, l'Inconvénient, l'Atelier du roman, la Traductière, Argument, Le Nouveau Recueil, etc.).

She has also published around 10 titles like novels, short stories, essay, poems). Last book published: Les fantômes de la Pointe-Platon, poetic narrative (The Chillwind, 2009).

She is currently preparing a biography of the novelist and poet Anne Hébert (to be published by McClelland & Stewart). She managed in the 2000s the cultural pages of the Quebec newspaper Le Devoir. She is currently editor at Editions Fides, Montreal. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Library of the New World (PUM) and member of the Editorial Board of the journals La Traductière (Paris) and Argument (Montreal).


Type of Event Category 8-Symposium
Start 18.05.2010 14:00 local time
End 18.05.2010 16:00 local time
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Focal point Corat, Sanye Gulser
Organizer Division pour l’égalité des genres, UNESCO en collaboration avec la Chaire d’études du Québec contemporain
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Country France
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Street 7, place de Fontenoy
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Estimated number of participants 50
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