UNESCO Global Microscience Experimentation and the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) Global Water Experiment

Poster "UNESCO Global Microscience Experimentation"

Twenty five students aged from 12-18 from the secondary schools Maurice Genevoix of Montrouge and Francois Arago of Villeneuves St Georges (both in France) will demonstrate the UNESCO Global Microscience Experiments Project as well as the International Year of Chemistry’s Global Water Experiment during the World Teacher’s Day.
The Microscience Experiment is a hands-on science education project that gives primary, secondary and tertiary students the opportunity to conduct practical work in physics, chemistry and biology, using small kits that come with pedagogical materials. These kits are veritable micro-laboratories, are cost effective and safe in so far as students never need to use more than a couple of drops of chemicals for each experiment. The kits are also affordable and far cheaper than conventional laboratory equipment and materials. The small quantities of chemicals used make the methodology environmentally sound.

The IYC Global Experiment, entitled “Water, A Chemical Solution”, was developed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and UNESCO to entice students around the world to learn about how chemistry contributes to one of the most important resources in their daily lives, water. This global experiment explores the chemistry of water and the role of water in society and the environment. This Experiment is now the biggest educational activity ever done in chemistry.


Type of Event Special Event
Start 05.10.2011 08:00 local time
End 05.10.2011 13:30 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Khodabux, Imteyaz
Organizer UNESCO
Contact Sima Taheri, 84175, s.taheri@unesco.org
Country France
City Paris
Venue UNESCO Headquarters
Street 125 avenue de Suffren
Room Foyer Room I
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Major Programme
Language of Event English, French
Estimated number of participants 200
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