16.04.2012 -

Isfar Sarabski

Born 2 November 1989, in Baku, Azerbaijan, Isfar has been awarded the Laureate, Zirve (Summit) state award, the Medal of the Simurg (Phoenix) Azerbaijan Cultural Association, for services to the development of spiritual and material culture, and “Honoured Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan” by decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2009 Isfar was the winner of the Solo Piano Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Who are your favorite jazz greats?

Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau

Why is it important for young people today to learn about jazz?

In general, it would be relevant to consider Jazz and Classic music to be the intellectual genres of the music. I think that the learning and getting interested into the Jazz may have positive impact on the world-view of young people.

What is your most memorable jazz 'moment'?

As the most memorable Jazz "moments" for me, I can refer to my victory in the Montreux Jazz Competition and the photo taken together with Herbie Hancock in Baku.

Do you think that music (and jazz in particular) can promote peace and tolerance?

Of course, culture and peace are inseparable.

Why do you think a day like International Jazz Day is important?

I think that the Jazz Day is very important. Because the fact that different nations come together to demonstrate their music bring them closer to each other.

What is one action the public could do to promote Jazz Day or the values of jazz?

The public has an important role to play in organisation of Jazz Festivals and other Jazz events. In this regard, the Montreux Jazz Festival is an example. During the Festival days, almost all the habitants of the city are living with the Festival.

Do you think jazz brings together people from different cultures? Can you give examples from your personal experience?

As I already mentioned, communication of the representatives of different religions and nations within the Jazz Festivals or Jazz Days bring them closer to each other. I felt that in all the festivals which I took part in.

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