Celebrations in Paris (France)

Paris Jazz Day 2013

The aims of International Jazz Day 2013 in Paris are to:

  • Bring jazz unto the streets, making it as democratic, free and accessible to the public, in particular, to students and to the youth; 
  • Create a Jazz Day hub and platform in connecting main Jazz Day events around the world via video-conference, Google hang-out and skype;
  • Serve as a catalyst and model for other cities to celebrate and mobilize for Jazz Day.

International Jazz Day will be celebrated this year in Paris with the Paris Jazz Club. The association  will host the public during twelve hours in Rue des Lombards’clubs: Le Baiser Salé - Le Duc des Lombards - Sunside - Sunset. No less than 48 events are scheduled from 2pm to 2am. Showcases, Master class and Round tables will alternate non-stop on the four stages. Many artists have already confirmed their presence for this special day: Gregory Porter, Taylor Eigsti, China Moses, Riccardo Del Fra, Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital, Remi Panossian Trio Kellylee Evans ...

The Day Program

The day will begin with a welcoming speech by a UNESCO representative and a representative of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, and will immediately launch into the multitude of activities. Students will be registered in advance from the main music schools and conservatories, and will have a special pass for the educational sessions. Talks are ongoing for radio, television and web-streaming coverage.

Some of the activities include:

  • Round Table discussions on Jazz, Freedom and Resistance
  • The Future of Jazz Music
  • Jazz and Hip Hop
  • The Business of Jazz: Discussions with record labels, managers and agents on emerging trends, challenges and way forward
  • Percussion Workshop: From the Middle East, Africa and Latin America
  • Vocalist Workshop
  • The Launching of the International Jazz Club Organization
  • Master Classes
  • Jazz Talks: In-Depth Interview with Legends of Jazz
  • Jazz Lecture Series: Jazz and Peace-Building

Evening Concert
Featuring the emerging bands and musicians of today from France, Europe, Africa and beyond, the concert will feature twenty-five bands, as well as international legendary artists. Plans are in place for this concert to be taped for television access and streamed live to millions around the world.  The performances will be free and open to the public, and will take place on the walking street and in the four main jazz clubs.

Nuit Blanche of Jazz Jams

The evening will continue with music beyond the formal performances of the evening concert, and there will be jam sessions from 11 pm to 3 am.

Partners: Paris Jazz Club Association, TMIJ, TSF Jazz Radio, Oleo Films

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