Exhbition of Tradition Art Textile from of indigenous women
Communities of Jalq'a and Tarabuco

The manufacturing of the Andean textiles exhibited here is a practice that is passed from generation to generation. The Andean Textiles presented are based on a long process of revitalization of the practice that promotes the cultural practices of indigenous peoples from Jalq'a and Tarabuco, rural communities in the Region of Chuquisaca, Bolivia. This work results in the development of indigenous artistic practices, as well as generating revenue for the women who create the textiles.

The importance of the iconographic legacy of the Jalq'a tarabuco work is found in the totality of the ethical and aesthetic traits peculiar to the region, which figure in the canvases through the interweaving of coloured threads. The works expresses sensitivity, ancestral heritage , and the imagination of the individuals who manufactured them.

In Bolivia, textiles are considered as artistic events. These are unique works that visually reflect an epistemology that goes beyond social functions, the production of these takes into account the transmission of ritual practice .


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