W3: The Ocean: a Source of Eco-innovations & Citizen Commitment to building a "Blue Society"

CC Julia Maudlin (Flickr).
Floating market, Bangkok.

Room II

Not only does the ocean regulate the climate, it is also crucial to our food supply, health, economy, and future. Its extensive potential, still rather unexplored, offers numerous solutions to climate challenges.

This workshop will highlight ways to promote sustainable management of human activities both at sea and in coastal areas through eco-innovations that are adapted to the diversity of actors, the knowledge base of populations, and varying cultures. Representatives from the private sector will present maritime innovations, holding potential solutions to adapt and mitigate climate change. NGOs and institutions specialized in scientific mediation will outline initiatives fostering collaboration between citizens and scientists. These include: innovative citizen scientific efforts aimed at gaining a greater understanding of our ocean’s biodiversity and bioresources, strategies used for placing the ocean at the heart of our daily concerns, and initiatives encouraging individuals and communities to take positive actions.


Sylvain Pioch
Research Scientist
Ecology of Arthropods and Anthropogenic Activities
Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier III

Raphaëla le Gouvello

Christine Valentin
Liaison Director
World Ocean Council

Hélène Valade
Suez Environnement, C3D

Julian Stone
Project Coordinator
Innovations Bleues

Yvan Griboval
Founder and President
Sailing One

Claude Midi

Nicolas Imbert
Green Cross