Mafalda, a 50 year old girl!


Exhibition on 23 April 2014 at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris  

MAFALDA... This famous little brunette, a comic strip character, is celebrating her 50th birthday this year!

Following the success of the exhibition En voyage avec Mafalda (Travelling with Mafalda), which received more than 200,000 visitors, Karmafilms Distribution, in cooperation with the literary agency Caminito, the publishing company Glénat, Vocable, and the Centre d'enseignement Supérieur des Arts Narratifs (CESAN), are pleased to present the mini exhibition, Mafalda, a 50 year old girl.

Mafalda is the most famous character by brilliant cartoonist, Quino, or Joaquín Salvador Lavado, born on June 17, 1932 in Mendoza. She represents the Latin American middle class and the progressive youth. Her main concerns are world peace and humanity.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a recreational and educational workshop so that visitors can discover – or rediscover – the values promoted by Mafalda. The workshop is carried out through a partnership with CESAN (Centre d'enseignement Supérieur des Arts Narratifs), and tackles issues such as the environment, citizenship, and children’s rights.

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