Come celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on April 23 at UNESCO Headquarters!

Practical workshops run by publishing professionals and artists will allow young people to discover traditional book production techniques as well as digital publishing. Children between 6 and 10 will be able to try calligraphy, create a manga character, and learn about the steps of a comic’s creation.

There are also exhibitions, stands of booksellers and publishing companies, and the launch of an international drawing competition entitled "Respecting Differences" in the programme.

Attendees are:

Bahman Panahi, Persian master calligrapher

Bahman Panahi is an internationally renowned artist. He has given concerts, workshops and classes, and has had exhibitions all over the world. Bahman Panahi works regularly with other artists from different backgrounds, which allows him to refresh his ideas and also to enable dialogue between the art forms and thus create links between cultures. For World Book Day, he will initiate children to Persan calligraphy and showcase his art to the public. Some of his artworks will also be exposed.

Workshop duration: 1h

Elisabeth Bing Ateliersworkshop on writing

More than thirty years ago, Elisabeth Bing invented "writing workshops", a place where everyone can find their own writing, refine it and expand it, where the text can be perfected, where everyone becomes their own reader. For World Book Day, she will introduce you to her workshop "Words of the world, words of a world". The aim is to taste and play with words from all languages, and to use them as a poetic medium. You might end up creating your own language!

Workshop duration: 1h

Editions Millefeuilleindependent publishing company

Editions Millefeuille – a company that publishes comics and novels for youth, and coffee table books for adults, always with the focus on the subject of heritage – invites children to take part in a small-scale book manufacturing. Children will learn about the technique of illumination, preparing elements of illustrations, or incorporating text and images, among other things.  

Workshop duration: 1h

Nounouhi Abd ElmalikCalligrapher, Moroccan artist

For Nounouhi Abd Elmalik, the art of Arabic letters served initially as a link with his homeland, culture of origin and childhood memories. He developed a personal expressiveness in his calligraphy, thus creating a world of colours in which shadow and light form the main architecture of his artwork. He will create a piece of artwork there and then during this workshop of introduction to Arabic calligraphy.

Workshop duration: 1h

Siloëilluminator and heraldic painter

Siloë would like to introduce you to illumination and to initiate you to its various art techniques. Siloë will highlight the harmony of the world for you, awaken your creativity and your sense for beauty, and reveal your inner strengths for World Book Day!

Workshop duration: 1h

Lou Lubieillustrator

Lou Lubie is a writer, illustrator and video games developer from Reunion Island. In 2008, she created Forum Dessiné (, a community website which allows designers from all over the world to share and exchange pictures and images.

For World Book Day, she will introduce you to the basics of a simple and expressive design through facial expressions and character animation. Get out your pens and join us for some drawing!

Workshop duration: 45mn

Cesan, Centre d'enseignement spécialisé des arts narratifs (Teaching Centre for Narrative Arts)

CESAN invites children between 7 and 12 to take part in an educational workshop “Discover comic strips”. It is about the famous character Mafalda, who is celebrating her 50th birthday this year. Children will learn about narrative drawing: what is a “strip”? A “rough”? What are the elements that make up a story?

Children will be able to take their work home at the end of the workshop.

Workshop duration: 45min

Square Igloo, digital publisher

Learn how to create 3D images on your computer, without pencil or paper! Professional illustrator Matt Roussel will present the different drawing tools and  the steps involved in creating characters and graphic environments. He will bring some charaters to life with virtual clay right in front of your eyes!

Workshop duration: 1h

Serge CortesiTypographer and calligrapher

Drawing on a rich know-how two thousand years old, calligraphy celebrates the harmony of letters through the mastering of gesture. In order for this ancestral art to live on, the Maison de la Calligraphie (House of Calligraphy) invites you to discover it, learn it, and share it. Run by Serge Cortesi, this workshop will introduce you to the basic principles of Latin calligraphy through the study of the writing called “Caroline”. Study strokes, letters and words.

Workshop duration: 1h 


Françoise Neveupoet

With a PhD in ethnology of the contemporary world, Françoise Neveu founded in 1996. Her writing workshops are first and foremost a place of creation. For World Book Day, her aim is for you to gain an experience of writing as work. The workshop is accessible to all; all that is needed is the desire to write!

Workshop duration: 1h


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