Exhibition: Observe and understand in order to preserve

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Together we have the power to protect the Ocean
Organized for World Oceans Day 2014 by Deyrolle, Deyrolle pour l'Avenir and UNESCO

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and Deyrolle are pleased to present this exhibition to celebrating the splendor of the ocean and water.

From time immemorial, the richness and complexity of the ocean and its depths have captivated our imagination. Today, beyond fascination, we have to build a new approach for preservation, based on knowledge and amazement sense of wonder. If some of the consequences of human actions on the ocean are already known (acidification, pollution, raising temperature and water levels), further research is needed to fully understand the impacts in the long term. Scientific research has made great advances over the pasts 20 years, and has yet to uncover other aspects of our ongoing interaction with the ocean, sustainable solutions, unsuspected riches in terms of diversity and beauty and, above all, a better understanding of our ocean. We already know that the ocean is an extraordinary resource that provides transportation, food, and pharmaceutical goods, with great socio-economic benefits. We must also recognize, when raising public awareness on sustainable development, the crucial role played by the ocean in the global processes of the Earth, especially as a climate regulator and as the main lung of the planet.

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This exhibition aims at reminding us that the ocean shelters a rich and fragile biodiversity, that complex environments develop around it, and above all that human survival depends on maintaining these ecological balances and functions.

After presenting the stakes, the educational charts will make you discover a fragile ecosystem, the Mediterranean, and move on to presenting the diversity of species depending on the ocean. Finally, the exhibition recalls the dependence of humans on both salted and fresh water.

Enjoy a selection of the panels below.

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