Other activities

UNESCO Regional Offices

  • UNESCO Addis Ababa

Workshop on the State of Freedom of the Press in Ethiopia

3 May 2007, Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa

UNESCO Addis Ababa in cooperation with the the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, UNHCHR, Horn of Africa Press Institute and UNDP is organising a workshop on the state of Freedom of the Press in Ethiopia. The event will be attended by representatives from the Ethiopian Government, civil society, independent media and UN Agencies and will provide a forum for calling attention to the importance of freedom of the press in the consolidation of democracy and the achievement of the MDGs. The workshop is designed to create a platform for an enlightened and lively debate on the State of Press Freedom in the country. It will provide stake-holders with an opportunity to assess the legislative setting, the practice of freedom of expression in Ethiopia and provide recommendation on how to improve the state of press freedom with a view towards building partnerships for action.

Mr Paul Hector

Advisor for CI in the Horn of Africa


  • UNESCO Almaty

Press Freedom Morning Coffee: Communication for Development

May 3, Almaty, Kazakhstan, UN Information Center

UNESCO Almaty is organising a joint UN team activity together with the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event will include 35 journalists, NGOs and 10 UN Presenters.

The UNCT Kazakhstan theme group for Good Governance and Human Rights, jointly with the Communications theme group will hold a "Press Freedom Morning Coffee: Communication for Development" with the aim to:

  • acknowledge the vital role of independent and pluralist media and communication for development
  • promote the UN's work in achieving the Millennium Development Goals through communication for development to journalists

At the opening of the event, there will be a reading of the UNESCO Director-General's message for World Press Freedom Day. Then statements will be made on the importance of the event and communication for development, followed a minute of silence to pay tribute to all media workers worldwide who have lost their lives in performing their duties. UN agencies will present short newsworthy messages on concrete examples of how MDGs "make news" in Kazakhstan. Complimentary audio-visual materials in local languages will be distributed to participants, including samples of UN radio programming and power point presentations on freedom of expression and safety of journalists. Coffee and discussion will follow.

This dynamic event will include visuals (posters, banners) highlighting press freedom issues as well as the logos of participating UN agencies. It is expected that the event will expand the new audience for the important work of the UN agencies in Kazakhstan and will result in an increased number of press items in both print and electronic media.

Partners and co-organisers of the event are:

UN Partners: UNDPI,UNDP,UNIFEM,UNAIDS,UNFPA,UNICEF,UNV, UN Theme Group on "Good Governance Participatory development and Human Rights", "UN Communication Group".

Media NGOs in Kazakhstan: Press Club, Adyl-Soz, CANEJ

Mr Sergey Karpov

National Programme Officer CI


  • UNESCO Amman and Iraq

World Press Freedom Day Workshop

3 May 2007, Amman, Jordan

The event is organized by UNESCO Amman and UNESCO Iraq along with USAID’s media implementer the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), the Annenberg School for Communication and under the patronage of the Higher Media Council (HMC).

The event will be under the patronage of HE Dr. Sima Bahouth, the Director of the Higher Media Council. The Higher Media Council is a semi-governmental body, which focuses on media legislations and ensures that media laws are set according to international standards; and are moving towards improved freedom of expression and a freer press, in order to translate the vision of HM King Abdullah II: “Our vision in elevating our national media, should be based, on developing a new Jordanian media example, that takes into consideration the spirit of the age … In this context, we have set specific basic braces that dictates a modern state media, based upon pluralism, freedom of expression, and respect of diverse views. We also pledge to support the independence of media organizations, its administration, and to endeavour to elevate the professional dimension of media work, through enhancing professional performance, excellence and creativity, in a climate of pluralism, freedom and responsibility.”

A small photo exhibition will be held showing journalists in the field in areas of conflict. The event will be divided into two main sessions. The first session “Legal Protection of Journalists”, will be addressing the legal side of safety of journalists, where international and local experiences are brought to discussion on experiencing knowledge from different perspectives. The second session “safety concerns: reporters’ experience from the field”, will be focusing on the physical part of journalists from different countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Pan-Arab media like Al-Jazeera, and international media professionals. The media professionals will be highlighting their experiences in the field.

A documentary, “Damn Gum”, will be presented in the event. This documentary is about journalism in post-war Iraq. It documents the lives of Iraqi journalists as they struggle to explain what is going on around them. Damn Gum won the best documentary award at the Iraqi film festival in Baghdad.

Mr Samir Badran
Programme Officer CI


  • UNESCO Apia

Promoting the 2007 WPFD Theme at the 2007 PINA Convention

23 May 2007, Honiara, Solomon Islands

The UNESCO Apia office in collaboration with Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and Media Association of the Solomon Islands (MASI) is organizing an intensive 2-hour presentation on World Press Freedom Day and distributing a Pacific-themed World Press Freedom Day poster at the 2007 Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) Convention to be held in Honiara, Solomon Islands from 21 to 26 May 2007.

Mr Abel Caine
Advisor for Communication and Information


  • UNESCO Bangkok

World Press Freedom Day Celebration 2007

2 May 2007, Santika Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

The UNESCO Bangkok office is planning to hold a panel discussion on safety of journalists on 2 May 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event is organised in cooperation with SEAPA (Southeast Press Alliance), AJI (Alliance of Independent Journalists Indonesia), and the Press Council.

An editorial by the Director of the office on CI programmes related to freedom of expression and press freedom will be published in will be published in a local newspaper in Thailand.

Ms Lapapan Choovong

Programme Officer CI


  • UNESCO Beirut

Celebration of World Press Freedom Day & launching of national observatory for Freedom of Expression

3 May 2007, Beirut, Lebanon

UNESCO Beirut is organising World Press Freedom Day celebration under the patronage of the Minister of Information and in cooperation with SKILL Media Foundation. Interventions will be made by the following participants:

  • Mr. Ghazi Al-Aridi, Minister of Information
  • Mr. Ziad Baroud, lawyer and human rights activist
  • Mr. Walid Abboud, President of SKILL Foundation
  • Dr. Abdel Moneim Osman, UNESCO Beirut office director

They will address the day’s theme of journalist safety while also highlighting matters related to human rights in general.

Furthermore UNESCO and SKILL foundation will be launching a national observatory for Freedom of Expression that will monitor and disseminate information about any violation, as well as produce a yearly report on the status of Freedom of Expression in Lebanon.

Mr George Awad
Programme Officer CI

  • UNESCO Brasilia

II Legislative Conference on Press Freedom

8 May 2007, Brazilian House of Representatives, Brasília, Brazil

The UNESCO Brasilia office in cooperation with Brazilian Association of Newspapers (ANJ), Inter American Press Association and Brazilian House of Representatives has organised a second conference along the lines of last year’s event related to World Press Freedom Day. This conference focused on a diagnostic of press freedom in Latin America and on its prospects in the region. This is a particularly relevant topic in view of the recent political changes in the region where the action of the media has been confronted by the new incumbents and attacks to the media have been frequent. >> Read more

Ms Maria Inês Bastos
Communication and Information Officer

  • UNESCO Dar es Salaam Cluster Office

National Commemorations for World Press Freedom Day

3 May 2007, Peacock Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The UNESCO Dar es Salaam Cluster Office, in cooperation with Media Institute of Southern Africa Tanzania Chapter (MISA - TAN), is organizing a press conference and a one day workshop for World Press Freedom Day. There will be presentations on such topics as media freedom, the danger associated with investigative reporting and threats against journalists in Tanzania. Other activities include a newspaper supplement with relevant articles.

Mr Al-Amin Yusuph
Programme Officer CI


  • UNESCO Dhaka

Seminar on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day

3 May 2007, LGED Bhaban, Dhaka

The UNESCO Dhaka office in cooperation with the Mass-Line Media Centre is organising a national seminar with participation of media professionals, NGOs, government agencies, academicians, and donor communities. Passing of a National Broadcasting Act will be high on the agenda. In addition to souvenirs being distributed, posters and stickers will be published that highlight issues related to press freedom.

Mr Shamim Ahsan Khan
Communications and Public Relations Officer


  • UNESCO Harare Cluster Office

The UNESCO Harare Cluster is organising several activities in Botswana, Malawi and Zambia. A round table followed by a peaceful march with the participation of civil society will take place in Botswana, Malawi and Zambia on 3 May 2007. The main aim of the event is to ensure maximum media coverage around the issues of World Press Freedom Day. The celebrations will be continued by an evening gala in Zambia supported by UNDP.

Mr Gervasio Gabriel Kaliwo
Adviser for Communication and Information in Southern Africa


  • UNESCO Kingston

“Media Democracy, Media Laws and Access to Information: Challenges for Journalists and Media in the Caribbean.”

2-3 May, Coco Palms Resort, St. Lucia

The UNESCO Kingston office organizes a major conference on a theme relevant to the media profession. This regional conference is being organized jointly by UNESCO, the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), the Caribbean News Agency (CANA), the Mona School of Business (Media Research Unit), the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) and the Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM). Radio St. Lucia will be the host for the event.

The theme of this year’s Conference is “Press freedom, safety of journalists and impunity. However, given that safety of journalists is not a major problem in the Caribbean, stakeholders have agreed on a sub-theme, “Media Democracy, Media Laws and Access to Information: Challenges for Journalists and Media in the Caribbean.”

The topics to be discussed at the conference will include the following:

1. Status Report on Journalism Practice and Press Freedom in the Caribbean 2006-2007

2. Future of Traditional Media: Impact of Convergence on Free and Independent Media and Media Democracy

3. Reporting Crime and Violence: Does the current 'sensational approach to crime coverage serves the public interest? Are there viable alternatives? Is coverage affected by threats and danger from criminal organization or corruption in the Police Force?

4. Access to Information Laws? Training media professionals to use Access to Information.

5. Harmonization of Media Laws in the Caribbean

6. Caribbean Media Awards

In attendance will be over 50 media owners, managers, professionals, particularly journalists from 20 Caribbean countries/islands. The Keynote Speaker will be the Honourable Sir John George Melvin Compton, Prime Minister of St Lucia. Other presenters will include media lawyers, professors of communication, media owners as well as practicing journalists.

Mr Alton Grizzle
Programme Officer CI


  • UNESCO Moscow

Photo and TV contest for journalists

3 May 2007, Moscow, Russian Federation

The UNESCO Moscow Office together with the partners (Eurasia Media Foundation and Confederation of the Unions of Journalism) has organized an open contest for TV and photo journalists to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day.

Photo exhibition and video screening followed by the award ceremony of the best works to be held in Moscow on 3 May 2007. More than 1000 photos and 36 TV programs from 17 countries (including 5 from Moscow cluster) were submitted for the contest.

It is the second such contest organized to raise awareness regarding the World Press Freedom Day in the post soviet area. Last year the whole process generated more that 200 articles and publications in the local and regional press of 10 countries.

Mr Marius Lukosiunas
Adviser for Communication and Information


  • UNESCO Nairobi

World Press Freedom Day Celebration 2007: "Freedom of the Press, Safety of Journalists and Impunity"

2-3 May 2007, Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

The UNESCO Nairobi office in cooperation with the Media Council of Kenya (MCK), Norwegian Embassy, UNIC and UNEP, is organising a regional conference and celebration of the World Press Freedom Day on the theme: "Press Freedom, Safety of Journalists & Impunity" with the participation of journalists from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi Rwanda, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

The event was prepared in close collaboration and supported by the UNESCO Addis Ababa office and the UNESCO Dar es Salaam Cluster Office.

Mr Alonso Aznar
Adviser for Communication and Information


  • UNESCO New Delhi

Seminar on Media Control, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press in South Asia

2-3 May 2007, Male, Republic of Maldives

UNESCO New Delhi and AMIC Singapore in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Arts (Maldives) organized a seminar on Media Control, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press in South Asia. The following topics were discussed at the event:

  • Press Freedom, Democracy and Development in South Asia
  • Public Service Broadcasting and Community Media
  • Censorship, Safety and Impunity
  • Internet, New Media and Freedom of Expression
  • Special Session to Commemorate WPFD
  • Special Panel Discussion: Freedom of Speech and Development in South Asia

Ms Jocelyne Josiah
Advisor in Communication and Information


  • UNESCO New York

Press Freedom, Safety of Journalists and Impunity

3 May 2007, United Nations Secretariat, New York, USA

UNESCO’s New York Office commemorated World Press Freedom Day with a luncheon and roundtable discussion on "Press Freedom, Safety of Journalists and Impunity" at the United Nations, bringing together more than 150 UN delegates, journalists, and representatives of non-governmental organizations and members of the academic community. Distinguished speakers included:

  • H.E. Zalmay Khalilzad: Ambassador of the United States Permanent Mission to the United Nations
  • H.E. Mr. Jean-Marc de La Sablière: Ambassador of the French Permanent Mission to the United Nations
  • H.E. Mr. Adamantios Th. Vassilakis: Ambassador of the Greek Permanent Mission to the United Nations
  • Mr. Tuyet J. Nguyen: United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA), Correspondent for German Press Agency
  • Mr Georges Malbrunot: A French Journalist working for Le Figaro, was taken hostage on August 20, 2004, by the Islamic Army in Iraq
  • Ms Judith Matloff: Journalist, author and teacher
  • Mr Jose Francisco Ealy Ortiz: Inter American Press Association & Publisher of El Universal newspaper in Mexico

>> Read more

Ms Suzanne Bilello
Senior Public Information and Liaison Officer


  • UNESCO Ramallah

Conference on "Safety of Journalists and Impunity - Palestinian Case"

3 May 2007, Ramallah and Gaza

The UNESCO Ramallah office in cooperation with the media NGO Filastiniyat is organising a conference that will be connected via videoconferencing in two locations: Ramallah and Gaza. The conference will gather 200 invited participants, including the Minister of Information, representatives from the President’s Office, representatives of Palestinian public and private media outlets, Palestinian Journalist Syndicate, Media Institutions and NGOs, representatives of political parties, international media and organizations. Sessions and roundtables will focus on the attacks against journalists and press freedom, testimonies and safety and protection of media.

Ms Irmeli Seipajarvi
Media Advisor


  • UNESCO Windhoek Cluster Office

The UNESCO Windhoek Cluster Office is organising several activities in Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Workshop on media ethics in Journalism

29 April - 3rd May 2007, Erongo region of Namibia

The World Press Freedom Day 2006 highlighted the need to address the relationship between Press Freedom and Poverty Eradication. In the last decade, an international consensus has emerged regarding the strong link between supporting press freedom and alleviating poverty. In line with calls to address inequalities at all level, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA Namibia) as a coordinating agent has identifying the need to decentralise World Press Freedom Day, from being a Windhoek based event, to engaging partners in the region, to raise awareness of activities and the existence of media in the region. Together with the various partners MISA Namibia intends to ensure that the World Press Freedom Day is a national event celebrated around the country and raise awareness on the need for Namibian to celebrate the day, as a milestone in our emerging democracy.

The 2007 UNESCO theme will guide the activities and events of the week (which will include a workshop on media ethics in journalism), this will be linked to last years’ World Press Freedom Day celebration, in which UNESCO invited participants to consider both the links between free media and poverty alleviation as well as the critical factors that impact these links. The Minister of Information and Broadcasting will be the main speaker at the event.

The World Press Freedom Day Adhoc Committee, through its convenor, MISA Namibia Chapter will be organizing a series of activities that will be kick started by the launch of MISA Regional Publication – “So this is Democracy”. This is an annual publication.

3rd May 2007, Berea, Lesotho

In 2005 and 2006 World Press Freedom Day has been celebrated in the capital town of Lesotho, Maseru at the offices of the Lesotho National Commission for UNESCO. In 2007 MISA Lesotho has proposed that this event be celebrated in another district of Lesotho, Berea and that this be a circulating celebration in the ten districts of Lesotho in the next years; the reason being to popularize the event in the entire country. The event will be commemorated with an awareness March for Press Freedom

3rd May 2007, Piggs Peak Town

Together with MISA Swaziland and Swaziland National Commission for UNESCO, the UNESCO Windhoek Cluster office will include a two day workshop strictly for Journalists which will look at issues around Media Accountability and Press Freedom. The Minister of Public Service and Information will the grace occasion. A gala dinner attended by approximately 300 people is planned as a closure for this event.

Ms Alcina Chipeio-Ndjavera
Programme Officer CI




  • Loesje International

"Correct me if I´m right"

World press freedom day 2007

In the first week of May 2007 several exchanges between young people in Europe will take place and workshops will be given around the world on the 3rd of May all promoting press freedom and free speech.

Every exchange and workshop will have as main topic "freedom of expression" and will have concrete results. People can follow different workshops depending on the country where they are such as; creative writing, video, photography, journalistic, theatre, music, cartoon drawing and so on. All results of the workshops will be compiled in a book with DVD that will be spread around the world, promoting press freedom and free speech.

So far approximately twenty-five countries will join the project including Belarus and Nepal and interest to join the project have been expressed from Palestinia and Kosovo.

The project is being coordinated by Loesje International, foundation. The Berlin based Loesje is from origin a Dutch organisation that got known by publishing and spreading positive, humoristic though critical one-liners published on posters and has active groups in over 30 countries in the world.

The project gets so far supported by many volunteers, the World association of Newspapers and the European Commission.

More information related to the project "Correct me if I´m right" is available on http://www.1-day.org

General information connected to Loesje you can find on http://www.loesje.org

  • Fiji Media Watch

Media Freedom during a State of Emergency

3 May 2007, USP Oceania Centre, Laucala Campus, Suva

The Fiji Media Watch in cooperation with the Fiji Media Council and the Australian High Commission is organising a joint event that will take place in the evening of 3 May 2007. The opening keynote speech will be made by Mr Chris McLeod, the Editorial Development Manager of The Herald and Weekly Times Pty Ltd (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) who is the main invited guest for the event. After his address there will be a panel discussion. The three member panel is composed of:

  • Captain Esala Teleni, Deputy Commander, Fiji Military Forces representing the State
  • Ms Sophie Foster a freelance journalist and former senior writer with the Fiji Times
  • Dr Steve Ratuva, USP senior lecturer, representing the members of the Public

The panel will be moderated by Mr Daryl Tarte, Chairman of the Media Council.

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