Donors NGOs meeting

The past years, there has been a growing recognition of the nexus between freedom of expression and poverty alleviation.

At the same time, the policies regarding the concrete application of media assistance in development differ greatly and the conceptual boundaries of media assistance are often non-uniform, unpredictable and thus more difficult to coordinate. The efficacy of media assistance in realizing the concrete practice of poverty reduction on the ground, however, depends decisively on how stakeholders within the development community conceive of and conceptualize media assistance within their overall development strategies. Directly following up on the conference at “World Press Freedom Day”, the Swedish development agency Sida and UNESCO jointly organize a meeting for development donors, key policy experts and representatives of the media profession, which aims to enhance the mutual exchange of views and an open and creative discussion on the concrete strategic role of media assistance in the international framework for poverty eradication.

Documents related to the meeting

>> Concept note

>> Agenda

>> List of participants

>> Minutes

Background paper

by Christopher Warren

The nexus between independent journalists’ unions, press freedom and poverty eradication

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