World Radio Day 2012


13 February is a date proclaimed by UNESCO to celebrate radio broadcast, improve international cooperation among radio broadcasters and encourage decision-makers to create and provide access to information through radio, including community radios. It’s an occasion to draw attention to the unique value of radio, which remains the medium to reach the widest audience and is currently taking up new technological forms and devices.

UNESCO encourages all countries to celebrate this Day by undertaking activities with diverse partners, such as national, regional and international broadcasting associations and organizations, non-governmental organizations, media organizations, outlets as well as the public at large. Check below all resources being made available for you for free.

Let's celebrate!


Important dates for radio

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Statistics on radio

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Radio in humanitarian assistance

“Radio-in-a-Box” is an integrated mobile radio broadcasting station that could be used for broadcasting in disaster areas, emergency response and community broadcasting.

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10 Quotes on radio

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Book Launch: "Community Media: A Good Practice Handbook"

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UNESCO Sound archive

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Partners on the World Radio Day

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15 ideas on how to celebrate World Radio Day

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