UNESCO's celebrations of the World Radio Day

URTI trains the staff of Egyptian Radio and Television Union to the use of the new Web platform ECT (Exchange, Co-production, Transmission).

Celebration of the World Radio Day in Egypt

Read the Report in Arabic prepared by the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) in connection with the celebration of the World Radio Day in Egypt on 13 February. It contains the programs presented by all private and public channels on the WRD, emphasizing the importance of the role played by the Speakers through culture, poetry and history, in the Egyptian society.

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© UNESCO New Delhi

World Radio Day to be celebrated in Nepal

UNESCO’s Office in Nepal invites all radio stations in the country to observe World Radio Day on 13 February 2012.

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© UNESCO San José/Victor Hugo Magaña
World Radio Day: Workshop for Children on Radio Production.

Celebration of the World Radio Day in Costa Rica and Panama

In the framework of the celebration of the World Radio Day, UNESCO/San Jose organizes a Workshop for youth on Audio Production in Panama, a Workshop to train children on the production of radio programs in Costa Rica and the lauching of an online radio "The Voice of my People".

© Unescocat

Unescocat celebrates the World Radio Day

The UNESCO Centre of Catalonia - Unescocat invites the media to include the commemoration in their programmes scheduled on February 13, and broadcast messages prepared for the occasion.

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© European Parliament/Pietro Naj-Oleari

UNESCO Office in Santiago celebrates the World Radio Day

In view of Chile’s strong history of radio broadcasting, UNESCO Office in Santiago interviewed three of its most prominent figures: Sergio Campos, Cony Stipicic and Juan Pablo Cárdenas.

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© UNESCO Office in Havana - Radio Cocodrilo, a community radio station in Cuba who obtained the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) support for its creation.

Cuba and Dominican Republic celebrate the World Radio Day.

In an effort to highlight its power as a platform for education and emancipation, its role in fostering public debate and its vital function in responding to crises and disasters, UNESCO office in Havana organized different activities in Cuba and Dominican Republic for the World Radio Day, to be celebrated worldwide for the first time.

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© The Club of Serres for UNESCO

Celebrations of UNESCO Clubs in Greece

The Club of Serres for UNESCO, the Club of Journalists for UNESCO, the Club Youth Thessalonika for UNESCO, the NGO  “PRAXIS” and Radio RODON FM celebrate the World Radio Day.

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World Radio Day celebrared in Lithuania

On February 13, 2012, the Lithuanian radio channel Morning Sounds (in Lithuanian Ryto garsai) diffused an interview with Mr Rimantas Pleikys, prominent Lithuanian journalist, especially in the radio domain, and Ms Margarita Gaubyte, manager of communication programmes at the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO. The interviewees talked about the importance of the radio and its future. Additionally, different media channels contributed to raising public awareness of the World Radio Day by including this international celebration within the column of important commemorations celebrated on February 13.

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A newly established community radio station in rural Mongolia - © UNESCO

World Radio Day celebrated in Mongolia and China

The first World Radio Day was celebrated yesterday in Mongolia and China by main national and local broadcasters, print and online media. The celebration campaign included feature programmes on the history of radio and the origin of the Day, news bulletins and interviews with national broadcast managers and representatives of UNESCO.

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