The Académie Nationale des Arts, des Lettres et des Sciences organizes a meeting on 10 November under the auspices of the UNESCO National Commission of the Republic of Madagascar to UNESCO.


  • Opening address by Dr Rajaona ANDRIAMANANJARA, President of the Academy
  • Speakers :
    • Dr Noëlson R. RASOLOFONIRINA The state of the art in biotechnology
    • Dr Jean-Marie RAZAFINDRAJAONA Biotechnologies and science of nutrition
    • Pr Hery Laza ANDRIANTAOLO, Transgenetic Plants: expectations and limits
    • Dr Jean-Marie RAZAFINDRAJAONA, Genetic Methodology for animal species improvement
    • Dr Noëlson R. RASOLOFONIRINA, the contribution of the biotechnologies to medicine.

Contact : Mr Rajaona ANDRIAMANANJARA

Email: a_anjara(at) ou acnals(at)

Tél: (261) 20 22 210 84

Boîte Postale 6217 Antananarivo 101  

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