World Science Day 2007

World Science Day 2007

World Science Day 2007

Every year, World Science Day is celebrated around the globe on 10 November. This year’s theme is Investing in science: investing in knowledge, a theme which intentionally mirrors that of the World Science Forum taking place in Budapest from 8 to 10 November. The Forum will be taking stock of the state of investment in R&D and the hurdles countries face in stepping up R&D intensity, including extreme poverty and lack of capacity.

Read the Director-General’s message to mark the occasion of World Science Day.

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Investing in science: investing in the future

World Science Day 2007 celebrated the contribution of Science and Technology to peace and social and economic development. The day’s activities highlighted the benefits of investing in Science and Technology and its positive influence and enabling capacity on the quality of life and the transfer of knowledge and technology. The 2007 World Science Day poster mapped the global network of internet connection. At a glance, it gives the impression of a constellation of stars, however, it is hoped that this map will reflect the UNESCO’s beliefs on the need of interconnection and cooperation in science for a more equitable and harmonious future for all.

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