World Science Day 2010

World Science Day 2010


World Science Day 2010 recognizes the role of science in facilitating the rapprochement of peoples and cultures through its contribution to the advancement of ‘mutual knowledge and understanding of people’. In keeping with this theme, the 2010 World Science Day poster celebrates the contribution of various civilizations (namely Babylonian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Maya/Aztec, Roman, Sumerian) to scientific progress by depicting scientific formulae and numerals from various regions around the world that helped to form the basis of science. The poster also illustrates a group of people united by the holding of hands, demonstrating the relationship between scientific progress and the harmony of humankind. The poster’s illustration is in keeping with UNESCO’s commitment to fostering international cooperation in science for the benefit of humanity.


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Celebration at UNESCO headquarters in Paris

At UNESCO Headquarters the Celebration of the World Science Day for Peace and Development will be marked by :

  • The InterParliamentary Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for the Mediterranean Region. The Forum, organized by UNESCO, ISESCO and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, will take place at UNESCO Headquarters on 9-10 November 2010. It is one of a series of Regional InterParliamentary Forums on Science and Technology initiated by UNESCO in 2003 within the framework of the Organization’s actions aimed at a better governance of science, technology and innovation policies based on building dialogue between parliamentarians, scientists, science journalists and civil society. The Forum will gather Parliamentarians, scientists and journalists form the Mediterranean Region. As a part of the Interparliamentary Forum programme the UNESCO Science Report will be presented.
  • Launch of the UNESCO Science Report 2010 by Mrs Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. Five of these authors have been invited to present their findings during a 90-minute session beginning at 11 am on 10 November in Room XI at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. These five authors are:
    • Professor Luc Soete, Director of UNU-MERIT in Maastricht, Netherlands,
    • Dr Moneef Zou’bi, Director-General of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences,
    • Dr Ousmane Kane, former Executive Director of the African Regional Centre for Technology (1997–2009)
    • Professor Sunil Mani, Planning Commission Chair, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala, India,
    • Professor Hernan Chaimovich, Chief Executive Officer of the Butantan Foundation in Brazil

Exhibition of “Les sciences arabes”, Salle des Pas Perdus from 10 to 15 November 2010, and other scientific exhibits

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