• With the theme on ‘Mutual knowledge for understanding of people’, the Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad, India, is celebrating the World Science Day for Peace and Development on 10th November 2010 by organizing various activities and competitions for the students, teachers and the general public to inspire wonder and stimulate creative exploration through fun interactive science and arts.. The celebration will be inaugurated by Shri Ravi S. Saxena, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat through a workshop on S&T for Capacity Building and Sustainable Development of 10th November 2010 and will continue to 14th November 2010. The programme includes an illustrative exhibition, screening of scientific films, popular science talk and student activities, which aims to sensitize the students and the general visitors about the potential use of science and technology for the sustainable development. The workshop will be participated by 150 science faculties, teacher and media persons. In addition, a large number of students and visitors will participate in the exhibition and outreach activities of the celebration.


Dr Narottam Sahoo

Sr Scientist

Gujarat Council of Science City

Science City Road, Ahmedabad 380 060

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  • It was a matter of immense pride for DAV college of Girls, YamunaNagar(India) and its students that UNESCO included our Institution as an official partner in celebrating World Science Day on 10th November, 2010. Ms. Sushma Arya and Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj as a part of college management had set up interesting day of celebrating science and the enthusiasm shown by students with overwhelming audience for various activities and participation was certainly inspiring. The event witnessed 688 zealous students(across schools and colleges) sporting green dresses participating in various theme based activities like mental ability test, slogan competition, poster making competition, etc . Occasion started with an informative presentation on World Science Day by Siddharth(Student), followed by an oath for students to use technology and leverage science for “green” causes. In addition to this, An intellectual discussion on Science and Capacity Building by esteemed Chief Guest Dr. R P Kapoor and Key Note Speaker, Jaiprakash S. Hasrajani from Taaleem India was conducted. While Dr. R P Kapoor brilliantly, as was expected from such a vast experience, put across what next we need to do in science development without causing any further damage to the people and environment, Mr. Jaiprakash talked about about the capacity building as the tool for promotion of Science and thus Creativity and Innovation in India. Apart from various ways highlighted to build capacity and tools for the same, he also stressed upon going back to our Vedas which has been source of Science and Inventions of great scientists like Einstein. Young team from AIESEC highlighting the importance of global Student Exchange program and how AIESEC members are getting hugely benefitted from it in not only personal growth but strong future professional benefits. The day was winded up with awards to young kids from school and undergraduate and post graduate students for various competitions held. Overall a great day which I am sure have energized all participating in the event and made us wanting to work more towards fostering science wherever and whatever we do.


Mayank Malhotra

DAV College for Girls, YamunaNagar, India

Tel : +91-9878663077

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