Celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development 2016

Many partners around the world will be joining UNESCO in order to make the day a truly worldwide celebration. This list below of events organized worldwide is not exhaustive. We invite you to join us in celebrating the day and to share information with us about the activities you organize.

Official celebration at UNESCO Headquarters

Conference “Discover Your World”
10 November 2016, 09:00-18:00, Local time, France

This conference aims to illustrate the role that science centres and science museums can play in expanding public engagement in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to develop new concepts on communicating the SDGs to diverse audiences including scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs, youth, women and the public at large. More information

PERFORM meeting
9-10 November 2016, 10:00-17:00, Local time, France

This meeting will present and promote the PERFORM project to UNESCO Permanent Delegations and the general public. The EU-funded PERFORM project aims to investigate the potential of using performing arts to raise interest in science among high school students. More information

UNESCO Campus - Scientific research today (pdf, in French)
10 November 2016, 9:30-11:30, Local time, France


Museum of Natural Sciences Bernardino Rivadavia - Solydeus Foundation
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires (Provincia) 1405 Argentina

The Solydeus and the Museum of Natural Sciences "Bernardino Rivadavia" Foundation have invited participants aged 13 to 19, to the "First Meeting of Young committed to the environment" on 10 to 12 November 2016 from 9:00 to 18:00, at the headquarters of -MACN-, Centenario Park in Buenos Aires. Papers will be presented on environmental themes: water resources (goal 6); climate change (goal 13); loss of biodiversity; and the ecological debt (goal 15). Young people face the challenge of asking these questions, researching, discovering, and talking about forms of sustainable and equitable development and quality of life.



1030 Vienna, Austria

The Austrian Science Center-Network invites students, families and other curious “travelers” to delve into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. At the Natural History Museum Vienna, visitors are encouraged to explore the 17 SDGs while engaging in exciting hands-on activities. Inspired by the idea of a paper chase, 17 thematic stations are spread throughout the museum and facilitated by one of the Network’s partners. The “travel lounge” provides the opportunity to learn more about the SDGs, engage in discussions with fellow visitors or scientists, and talk to researchers about the SDGs.



Museu Ciência e Vida
R. J, 25071-160, Duque de Caxias - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Objective 2 - Zero Hunger Workshop - What is inside food? What are nutrients and how are they classified? Is water a nutrient? What that has got to do with me and you? During the "What is inside food?" workshop, students will consider the importance of a balanced and healthy diet. The main nutrients gained through meals (lipids, carbohydrates and proteins) will be highlighted, as well as their function in our organisms. Finally, participants will assemble each of the daily meals using the food pyramid as basis.



Kids City Asia will organize panel discussions on specific topics in physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Furthermore, a tour of the Science Gallery and Science Discovery with over 100 hands-on internationally designed science exhibits will be organized. The event is open to invited guests, science school teachers, students and the public from 12.00-6.00 pm.


Mr. Meng Hieng (Chief Executive Officer)
Kids City Asia Company Limited
No 162APreah Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh
Tel: (855) 097 918 8888
Email: meng(at)monument-books.com



Science North
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 5S9, Canada

On November 10th, Science North will illustrate goal 4(Quality Education) by presenting hands-on activities, live science shows and programs focused on engaging students with concepts central to goal 13 (Climate Action), goal 14 (Life Below Water) and goal 15 (Life on Land). That evening, Science North will open its doors to Sudbury's International Student population and immerse them in activities and discussions related to goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), goal 13 (Climate Action), goal 14 (Life Below Water) and goal 15 (Life on Land). Science North is also participating in The Global Experiment and will share this with visitors on November 10th.



Planetarium Science Center - Bibliotheca Alexandrina
138 Egyptian National Railways, Alexandria

The Planetarium Science Center (PSC) will hold a series of activities: 1. A field trip to Beni Suef new combined-cycle natural gas power plant; 2. A project to design a simple tool to light a house using a solar panel chip and a water bottle, installing in 2-3 homes; 3. School visits about renewable energy resources and conservation practices; 4. A public on Nov, 10th, inviting exhibitors from different organizations and backgrounds to offer sessions, demonstrations and workshops for the public about their success stories in using clean energy resources and promote for the effective use of energy (goal 7, affordable and clean energy).



NGO STEM Synergy, Ethiopian National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education, UNESCO Addis Ababa Liaison Office with the African UNION and UNECA

The Ethiopian NGO STEM Synergy, in cooperation with the Ethiopian National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education and UNESCO Addis Ababa Liaison Office with the African UNION and UNECA, are jointly organizing an event to celebrate the World Science Day for Peace and Development on the 10th of November 2016. The event will be focused on the importance of science, technology and engineering for youth involvement for peace, employment and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Around 60 young exponents will present their projects at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre. Selected projects will be rewarded by an international jury composed of the representatives from the UNESCO Office in Addis Ababa and foreign Embassies (India, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Italy, Germany and others) and supported by STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) specialists.


Benno Böer
Addis Ababa Liaison Office
Niger Building, 1st Floor
PO Box 1177 Addis Ababa
Tel: 0935403599
Email: b.boer(at)unesco.org



Gujarat Council of Science City

On the World Science Day, Gujarat Science City and GUJCOST have organized a special session on the focal theme, Discover Your World: Celebrating Science Centres and Science Museums” to discuss Science City, Science Centres and museums plays key roles in nurturing the curiosity of women and men, as living laboratories of creativity, catalysing research and solutions to help societies meet challenges.  Distinguished Scientists and science educators are being invited to interact with students and the other participant

Dr. Narottam Sahoo
Gujarat Council of Science City
Science City Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Tel: 9879553960
Fax: +91 79 23259363
Email: narottam.sahoo(at)gmail.com


United Schools Organisation of India & National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources

United Schools Organisation of India (USO)  in collaboration with National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) is organising an event  for Science teachers in New Delhi .  Renowned Indian scientists from NISCAIR will share information with science teachers. The event will end with a trip to the NISCAIR labs.

Programme (pdf)

Mrs Nina Jain 
Secretary General
United Schools Organisation of India
USO House, USO Road, 6, Special Institutional Area
New Delhi – 110 067
Tel: (011) 4106-9174
Email: nina.jain(at)usoindia.org



Sampoerna University

Sampoerna University will celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development through an event on peace and development solutions engineered by young inventors. The event will take place in Jakarta and will consist of a TED-Talk format Youth Forum where young inventors can present their invention to the public.

More information (pdf)

Reza Putra  
Sampoerna Schools System
Sampoerna Strategic Square, North Tower 27th floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav.45
Jakarta 12930
Tel. +62 21 577-2340  
Fax. +62 21 577-2341 
Email: reza.putra(at)sampoernaschoolssystem.com
Website: www.sampoernafoundation.org


Science SMAN 54 Jakarta and Forum of Scientist Teenager (FOSCA)

Science SMAN 54 Jakarta and Forum of Scientist Teenager (FOSCA) will organize scientific sessions such as talkshow, workshop, science fair, scientific discussion, etc. to be held on 12 November 2016 at SMAN 54 Jakarta.

Local organizing committee: Onil Putra Ananta, Scientec SMAN 54 Jakarta
Steering committee: Sahrul Setiawan, Forum of Scientist Teenager (FOSCA) 
SMAN 54 Jakarta, Jl. Jatinegara Timur IV 
East Jakarta, Jakarta 13350
Fax: +62-21 - 2305147 
Tel: +62-21 - 2305146 
E‐mail: kir_fosca(at)yahoo.co.id



Club per l’UNESCO of Canosa Di Puglia

The Club per l’UNESCO of Canosa Di Puglia will organize a meeting which will take place on 19 November 2016 at the Auditorium of Palazzo Mariano in Canosa di Puglia. The theme of the meeting is “The sea as a resource: the blue economy for sustainable development“. The event is jointly organized by a number of UNESCO’s Club in the Region, the University of Bari, and various cultural associations, Confindustria and under the patronage of the City Hall of Canosa.

Club UNESCO Canosa di Puglia
Email: clubunescocanosa(at)gmail.com



The Children's Museum Jordan
King Hussein Park King Abdullah II Street Amman, Amman Governorate 11185 Jordan

The museum will promote goals 4 (quality education), 7 (affordable and clean energy), 13 (climate action), and 15 (life on land). The Mobile Children's Museum will work with their partners- a mobile library, clinic, science bus, and a puppet show. The museum will showcase their photo-voltaic energy generating system with a case study ‘300 Sunny Days at the Children’s Museum Jordan’. Students will receive programming on Future Energy, grass as a bio-material, and paper recycling. Researchers from the Royal Society for the Conversation of Nature will talk about biodiversity loss in Jordan and the measures needed to counter it.



Science Centre Kenya at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
Waiyaki Way, Opp ABC Place, 14733-00800, Nairobi Kenya

Science Centre Kenya will continue to engage and motivate children and youth by promoting science, technology, and innovation through challenging and inspiring interactive exhibits that highlight many of the SDGs: goal 1 (no poverty), goal 4 (quality education), goal 5 (gender equality), goal 6 (clean water and sanitation), goal 12 (responsible consumption and production) and goal 13 (climate action).




Awareness campaign through social media and other media channels are organized by SmartLife (not-for–profit organization) 

Eng. Manar AlHashash
Email: info(at)dotdesign.ws



Universum Museo de las Ciencias de la UNAM
Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México 04510 Mexico

Universum has prepared several activities to promote sustainable development through their presentations on water issues, chemical and recreational science, as well as activities for children who awaken more interest in this subject and generate greater awareness among the population about the care of the planet and the peaceful and harmonious development between populations.



Provincial Government of Cabo Delgado, Provincial Directorate of Science of Technology, Higher, Technical and Professional Education

Programme (pdf)

Tel: 842084752/826091393

Tel: 846300022/826467500

Tel: 82/843949270



Centre for Professional Development, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC-PD), and Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) Institute of Information Technology (CIIT)

Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) in collaboration with the Centre for Professional Development, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC-PD) at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad is organizing a one day National Seminar on Science Centres and Science Museums on 17th November 2016 at CIIT, Islamabad Campus. 

The Seminar is expected to raise awareness about the importance and role of Science Museums and Scientific Centres in Science Communication. A number of dignitaries from COMSATS Member states, as well as veteran scientists, Faculty members, students and media persons have been invited to participate in this event. Details of the activity are available at the COMSATS website


Mr. Abdul Majid Qureshi, Research Scholar
ORIC-PD, 1st Floor, BIC Building,
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
Park Road, Islamabad
Fax: +92-51-90496028
Email: abdulmajid(at)comsats.edu.pk


Suffa Education System

Suffa education system is organizing an awareness session and exhibition.


Zahid Riaz
173/V Near GPO
31200 Layyah, Punjab
Tel: +92-300-676-7868
Email: zahidly(at)gmail.com


UNESCO Islamabad Office, Pakistan Science Foundation and ECO Science Foundation (ECOSOF)

In celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development 2016, UNESCO Islamabad Office, Pakistan Science Foundation and ECO Science Foundation (ECOSOF) are organizing an event at the Pakistan Museum of Natural History in Islamabad on 15 November.


Syed Muhammad Raza Shah 
UNESCO Islamabad Office
7th Floor, Serena Business Complex, Islamabad
FEDERAL/Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)
Tel: +92 51 2600242
Fax: +92 51 2600250
Email: r.shah(at)unesco.org

Syeda Rehana Batool 
Pakistan Science Foundation
FEDERAL/Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)
Tel: +92 9215067-68
Fax: +92 51 9202468
Email: rehanabatool2005(at)yahoo.com

Ghulam Abbas Rahar 
ECO Science Foundation 
5th Floor, MoST  Building, Plot No.1, Constitution Avenue, G-5/2
FEDERAL/Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)
Tel: +92 51 921 6658
Fax: +92 51 9215497
Email: r.shah(at)unesco.org



Advocates of Science and Technology for the People (AGHAM)

AGHAM is organizing an exhibit on science and peace and a forum on national industrialization and the peace talks between the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the Philippine Government.

JM Ayuste 
2nd Flr, Elden Tejada Bldg., #2 KH St.
1103 NCR, Quezon City
Tel. (+63) 998 4226
Email: jmayuste(at)agham.org



Innovation Mill of Knowledge
87-100 Torun, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland

Innovation Mill of Knowledge will hold special events for teachers and students with educational pathways including crosswords and activities that improve memory and thinking skills. DIY and mobile exhibits include: "Twisted puzzles" to seek new ways of thinking by approaching problems from a new angle; "Rube Goldberg machine" to play with blocks, balls, and guides to create interesting structures; "Stars on the doorstep" shows the stars and constellations seen in November in Toruń. A series of experiments will show the properties of light and illusions (Goal 4: quality education).


Republic of Mauritius

Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre
11202 Mauritius, Port Louis

The museum will partner with Global Rainbow Foundation to host the first International Conference with UNESCO on Digital Empowerment- Access to ICTs for Persons with Disabilities on 10-11 November 2016. The event will be a platform for the field of accessible ICTs and Assistive/Adaptive technologies for People with Disabilities (PWD’s). Partnerships will be enhanced among national, regional and international organizations, IT industry, public sector, civil society, academia, community, legal support, and media services. On November 10 the science centre will provide free access to galleries, shows and movies (goal 10, reduced inequalities).


Russian Federation

Alexander Pushkin School

Alexander Pushkin School is organizing interactive demo bases (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy), a quiz game “ On the space embankment”, meetings with professors (11/11 “Space magnetism”, I. Miseva, University of mechanic continuum, Perm, Russia; 11/17 “Interpretation”, N. Shutemova, Perm State Science Research University, Perm, Russia), and a lecture in Perm Area Museu

Maria Okulova 
Alexander Pushkin School
614039, Perm Krai
Tel. +7(342)2120388, +7(342)2128071
Email: oms.rus(at)mail.ru



Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade

The Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering will organize the workshop „Scientific methodology principles: Research design" for students of biology, chemistry and related disciplines from the University of Belgrade

Aleksandra Nikolic
Laboratory for Molecular Biology
Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering
IMGGE, Vojvode Stepe 444A (PO Box 23)
11010 Belgrade
Tel: 381113976658
Fax: 381113975808
Email: aleksni(at)imgge.bg.ac.rs



Hiša eksperimentov (The House of Experiments)
Ljubljana, Slovenia 1000 Slovenia

On the 10th of November several activities are planned on several locations. Opening of two new exhibits inside the Science Center, workshops on the main town square in Ljubljana Slovenia, "occupying" some shops and restaurants in the town with portable exhibits, the marathon of Science Shows ...


South Africa

City of Cape Town, Scientific Services

Scientific Services is a laboratory services department within the City of Cape Town (Local Authority). There are laboratories that conduct physical, chemistry, microbiological, hydro biological analysis on all the cities' water, wastewater, industrial effluents, surface waters, leachates as well as a section that conducts the air quality monitoring. The cities' health laboratory conducts microbiological analysis on food samples throughout the city.  To celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development 2016, an event will be held at the Scientific Services where the various laboratories will showcase their respective lab functions in the form of display tables and basic science demonstrations will be held.  Tours of the laboratory facility will also take place throughout the day.

Dr Swastika Surujlal-Naicker
P O Box 16548, Vlaeberg
8018 Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa
Tel: +27 21 444 9357
Fax: +27 21 444 9024
Email: Swastika.Surujlal-Naicker(at)capetown.gov.za



Permanent International Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States

Steering Committee and Partner meeting of the Baltic Science Network on 10 November 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting took place back-to-back with the 7th Strategy Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, where Baltic Science Network was discussed during the session “Do we need a macro-regional dimension in higher education, science & research policy in the Baltic Sea Region?” on 9 November 2016.

Baltic Science Network (BSN) is the leading transnational forum for higher education, science, and research cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). BSN is a policy network gathering relevant transnational, national and regional policy actors from the BSR countries. The Network serves as a springboard for targeted multilateral activities in the frame of research and innovation excellence, mobility of scientists and expanded participation. These joint activities are modelled with an overall aim to ensure that the BSR remains a hub of cutting-edge scientific solutions with the capacity to exploit the region´s full innovation and scientific potential. The activities are envisaged to serve as examples of best practice and as basis for the policy recommendations drafted by the Network.

The platform is tailored to provide advice on how to enhance a macro-regional dimension in higher education, science and research cooperation. Recommendations jointly formulated by the Network partners address the European, national and regional policy-making levels.

BSN is a flagship of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region under the Policy Area Education, Research and Employability, as well as one of two cornerstones of the Science, Research and Innovation Agenda of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

Prior to the meeting the Director General of the Council of the Baltic Sea States Amb Maira Mora issued a statement Celebrating Research and Innovation Across the Baltic Sea Region Ahead of the World Science Day for Peace and Development 2016.

Zane Šime
Slussplan 9
103 11 Stockholm
Tel. +46 8 440 19 25
Email: zane.sime(at)cbss.org


The Netherlands


One Planet, challenging new UN exhibition at the Museon

Maarten Okkersen
Stadhouderslaan 37
2517 HV, The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-3381338
Email: info(at)museon.nl



Gebze Technical University

Atatürk Commemoration and World Science Day for Peace and Development programme (pdf)

Prof. Dr. Hasan Aslan
Gebze Technical University, Cayirova Campus
Gebze Kocaeli, 41400
Tel: 0090 262 605 10 00
Email: ikurnaz(at)gtu.edu.tr


United States of America

EcoExploratorio: Museo de Ciencias de Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 2803, Guaynabo, PR 00970 Puerto Rico

EcoExploratorio will have a day of activities for school groups (grades 6-8) that emphasize the fragility of marine life to climate change and how to protect our natural environment (goal 14, life below water). Five “Science Live” laboratories will allow teachers and students to understand concepts of sea level rise (goal 13, climate action), renewable energy (goal 7, affordable clean energy), fossil fuel consumption, water quality, and marine ecosystems. A panel of specialists will discuss the challenges and measures taken to reduce impact on island coastal resources. The presentation will be live on social media networks.


Kansas City’s Science Center, Science City at Union Station

Science City will be focusing their Science Saturday activities on sustainable energy for World Science Day for Peace and Development, 12 November from 11AM – 3PM (local time).

Margaret Hoang
Program coordinator 
30 W. Pershing Rd.
64108 Kansas City, MO, Missouri
United States of America
Tel: 816-460-2091
Email: mhoang(at)unionstation.org


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