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Maria Gloriosa Santos-Cabangon (Philippines)

Maria Gloriosa Santos-Cabangon

PETA Executive Director since 1993. Maria Gloriosa Santos-Cabangon (Beng) led the establishment of the PETA Theater Center, envisioned to be a dynamic center for the arts in the Philippines and Asia. An artist-teacher, designed numerous programs and written journals on culture and arts. A specialist in trainers’ training for theater-in-education and arts management. Most recent works are as program evaluator of the PETA Mekong Partnership Program and as editor- writer-project manager of the PETA History Book. Was instrumental in expanding PETA’s work throughout the Philippines as NCR coordinator for its Support-Organizing and Linkages Program and director for its Partnership and Liaison Program. Represents PETA in various national, Asian, and international networks. Beng was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Drama/Theater and Education Association (IDEA) from 1993-1998. She is a University of the Philippines graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Economics and currently a candidate of Master in Education - Curriculum Studies.



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