Crystallography Matters !

This 20-page booklet has been produced by UNESCO in collaboration with the International Union of Crystallography.

It introduces crystallography and explains why its applications permeate our daily lives and make such an important contribution to socio-economic, industrial and sustainable development.

It also explains why crystallography is being celebrated in 2014.

UNESCO has produced the original booklet in English and the French edition. National crystallographic associations and other partners are producing other language editions. These materials are open access, which means that they may all be downloaded, translated, printed and distributed freely.

Download or print the booklet

To download a copy for your own use, click on the cover of your choice below.

To print copies in high resolution, click on the link to the source file.

Translate the brochure into more languages

If you are interested in translating the booklet, click on the link to the source file in English or French to adapt the lay-out to the new language edition.


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