IUCr−UNESCO summit meetings

The three IUCr−UNESCO summit meetings taking place in 2014 are intended to bring scientists together from around the globe, using a common crystallographic theme. There is a real necessity for scientists to think beyond political borders and other distinctions.

The summit meetings will be attended by scientists from academia and industry, as well as by science administrators. These meetings will focus on high-level science, also highlighting the difficulties and problems of conducting competitive scientific research in different parts of the developing world.

The three summit meetings being held during the International Year of Crystallography are:

The first summit meeting is being held in Karachi (Pakistan) on 28−30 April 2014. It will bring together scientists, policy-makers and administrators from China, India and Pakistan under the umbrella of chemical crystallography and pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Latin American summit meeting

The second summit meeting is being held in Campinas (Brazil) on 21−24 September 2014 under the theme of macromolecular crystallography. It will bring together scientists, administrators and policy-makers from Latin America.

  • African summit meeting

The third summit meeting is being held in Bloemfontein (South Africa) on 15−17 October 2014. It will bring together government representatives from a large number of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. A preliminary workshop will be held on 12−15 October 2014 with the aim of improving cooperation between French- and English-speaking African countries.

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