Rites of Life, by Anders Ryman - Exhibition

© Anders Ryman
During their initiation, Xhosa males cover their face with white clay "to ward off attacks by witches", South Africa

Everywhere people mark the decisive moments when they pass from one stage in life to another. For more than seven years photographer Anders Ryman has travelled the world documenting such rituals.

His ambition has been to span all inhabited continents, all major religions and all stages of life, encompassing both the traditional and the modern.
With this project Anders has sought to highlight both the great cultural variety of the world and the affinity between all people, irrespective of culture or religion.

Anders Ryman is a Swedish photographer and writer who has been published in a wide range of international magazines, including Animan, GEO and National Geographic Nordic. During the 1980s Anders pursued post-graduate studies in cultural anthropology, which is reflected in his continued interest in people and cultures.


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