Satellites and World Heritage Sites, Partners to Understand Climate Change

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Disappearance of Glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro

This exhibition illustrates a series of examples on the use of Earth observation from space to assess the effects of climate change on famous World Heritage sites. It is organized by UNESCO in close cooperation with its space partners, with the notable participation of Planet Action.

Parallel teacher training sessions and educational material for pupils aged 12 to 16 have been prepared to increase the impact of the school visits.

Over the past 10 years UNESCO has been establishing cooperation partnerships with space agencies, research institutions and the private sector in order to assist developing countries in monitoring and assessing World Heritage sites.

These space partners jointly with UNESCO have now set up an exhibition to show the advantages of space technologies when applied to World Heritage sites.

The conservation of natural and cultural heritage may be jeopardized by climate change. Glaciers are melting, coral reefs are exposed to bleaching, and terrestrial biodiversity is being affected. Increasing sea levels threaten many cultural sites located near the coast, and other aspects of climate change affect ancient archaeological sites.

In the area of climate change, space-based sensors have the capacity to provide measurements of essential variables. Overall comprehensive monitoring using space technologies is made possible through collaboration among nations around the globe.

The exhibition will take place in the streets of Cancun, Mexico, during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change from 24 November to 10 December 2010, to be enjoyed by delegates and residents alike.


Type of Event Exhibition
Start 24.11.2010 06:00 local time
End 11.12.2010 15:00 local time
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Focal point Hernandez, Mario
Organizer UNESCO
Contact Mario Hernandez
Country Mexico
City Cancun
Venue Parque de las Palapas, Cancun, Mexico
Street Parque de las Palapas
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Language of Event English, Spanish
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