Thang Long Citadel Site Museum, Viet Nam, inauguration of the sub-regional exhibition “Our Common Heritage: Exploring World Heritage Sites of Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam”


Inviting museum visitors and tourists on an imaginary itinerary along the six UNESCO World Heritage sites of Angkor, Preah Vihear, Vat Phou, My Son, the Ho Citadel and the Thang Long Citadel to highlight the interconnections of these sites and populations, in addition to the role of Southeast Asia in global history. This exhibition at the Thang Long Citadel Site Museum is the first Vietnamese museum to be inaugurated between the project participating 9 regional site-related museums.

This exhibition is one of nine sub-regional exhibitions that are realized under the UNESCO/Japanese funds-in-trust Project “Revitalizing World Heritage Site related Museums in Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam” and is a result of the intense cooperation and development by the project participants following the first and second workshops.

The panels developed by the Thang Long Citadel Site Museum centres around the theme of the “Dragons of Thang Long”, examining the cultural, symbolical and historical significations of the dragon in the Thang Long Citadel. They follow the common themes developed by UNESCO and experts on “Nature and Myth” and “Trade and Exchange”. More information of the sub-regional exhibition can be found in the dedicated UNESCO webpage.


Type of Event Exhibition
Start 07.12.2012 15:00 local time
End 07.12.2013 18:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Hayashi, Nao
Country Viet Nam
City Ha Noi
Street Thang Long- Ha Noi Heritage Conservation Centre, No 9, Hoang Dieu street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi city
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Language of Event English
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