Philosophy Café – Debate: "Responsibilities of the Present Generations towards Future Generations"


The French Association “Rencontres et débats autrement” (RDA) organizes, in co-operation with the UNESCO Programme for Social and Human Sciences, a philosophy café – debate on the main theme of World Philosophy Day 2012: “Future Generations”. Participants will reflect on the topic of “Responsibilities of the Present Generations towards Future Generations” after a presentation by the well-known Argentinean-French philosopher and psycho-analyst Miguel Benasayag, who also animates a programme on the French Radio Station France Culture.

For decades the macro-economy and information technology have caused us to live exclusively in the present. Immediacy, simultaneity and the rapidity of communication mask the passage of time and prevent projection into the future. The rupture of social links, which we see in a survival of the fittest deranged individualism, also breaks the links between the generations. To think about the future has become a rare abstraction, except when we think of it as a threat. Our task is to construct a thinking about the future which is based on the re-establishment of links.

Miguel Benasayag is a philosopher, psycho-analyst and doctor who fought against the Argentinian dictatorship and was subjected to prison and torture for five years. He was behind the “Malgré tout” organization in France and the manifesto of the landless indigenous peoples in Brazil. In Buenos Aires (Brzail) he runs a biology research laboratory. He also leads a Université Populaire in Ris Orangis (France) and a cooperative movement in Turin (Italy). He has written about twenty books, the most recent of which are: “Fabriquer le vivant,” “L’engagement dans une époque obscure”, “Organismes et artefacts”, “Éloge du conflit” and “La fragilité”.


Type of Event Category 8-Symposium
Start 16.11.2012 12:40 local time
End 16.11.2012 15:00 local time
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Focal point Crowley, John
Organizer Rencontres et débats autrement (RDA)
Country France
City Paris
Venue UNESCO Headquarters
Street 7, place de Fontenoy
Room Salle Pas Perdus
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Major Programme
Language of Event French
Estimated number of participants 80
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