South-South Philosophical Dialogue


With the support of the Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Program for the Culture of Peace and Dialogue (Saudi Arabia), the UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, based in Rabat, invites twelve philosophers from Africa, the Arab world, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean, for a South-South Philosophical Dialogue on the context of the political and economic "emergence" of Southern countries.

Philosophical analysis of the social and cultural implications of the political and economic ‘emergence’ of Southern countries, as well as putting into perspective different points of view, is essential.

The twelve invited philosophers are involved in the Scientific Committee SOPHITHINK (South-South Philosophical Thinking Group). During the dialogue, they will examine issues such as ‘Intercultural philosophy and challenges for traditional philosophy’, ‘How to transmit philosophical heritage to younger generations’ ‘Purism of philosophy versus Hybridization’, ‘The emergence of powerful countries in the South and its impact’, ‘Politics versus Religion’.

This international encounter is part of a UNESCO project (2012-2013), accompanied by SOPHITHINK, which sets three main objectives: (i) Promote a better understanding of philosophies that have been marginalized by the history of philosophy itself, and stimulate intellectual solidarity between philosophers of the South; (ii) Highlight philosophical analysis of the contemporary challenges by philosophers from emerging countries of the South; (iii) Transmit a culture of intellectual pluralism to the younger generations through the development of educational tools for the transmission of philosophical heritage.

This initiative also stems from the international endeavour undertaken by UNESCO, between 2004 and 2011, to set up inter-regional philosophical dialogues, between Asia-Pacific and the Arab world, and between Africa and the Americas. Today, many of the involved philosophers from the South have created important networks dedicated to reflection on contemporary challenges and alternative approaches, at a time when the world undergoes profound social, political, economic and cultural changes.


Type of Event Category 8-Symposium
Start 09.07.2012 08:30 local time
End 11.07.2012 16:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Chanthalangsy, Phinith
Organizer UNESCO Office in Rabat
Country Morocco
City Marrakech
Venue Hotel Fellah/Dar al-Ma’mûn
Street Km 13 route de l’Ourika
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Major Programme
Language of Event English, French
Estimated number of participants 80
Official Website UNESCO Office in Rabat (en français)
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