Coastal Wetlands: Management and Protection

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In the framework of the project on « Management of coastal aquifers and groundwater » of the Medpartnership, UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) is organizing an experts meeting on the “Management and protection of coastal wetlands”. The meeting will gather national experts as well as international experts from organizations and projects such as the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet), regional centres, programmes and others.
The objectives of the activity are:

1. To undertake a hydro-geological pre-assessment of the Mediterranean coastal wetlands for groundwater dependence, with identification of current and potential threats, and the scope for hydrological management intervention;

2. To develop methodology and guidelines for hydro
-geological management of coastal wetlands; with wetland typology and classification for genetic origin, morphology, as i.e. bays, deltas or coastal plains and fluvial activity and functions.

The meeting will be the opportunity to agree on the focus and the work plan.


Type of Event Category 6-Expert Committee
Start 10.06.2013 08:30 local time
End 11.06.2013 16:30 local time
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Focal point Aureli, Alice
Contact Aureli, Alice - Raya M. Stephan r.stephan(at)
Country France
City Paris
Room Room XIV
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