Events and activities related to National Commissions

The Section of National Commissions organizes four main categories of meetings for and with National Commissions, namely:

Regional Statutory Conferences of National Commissions are organized at the regional level every 4 years and hosted by a National Commission. The aim of these meetings is to discuss matters related to National Commissions' life and to strengthen cooperation among themselves.

Director-General's Regional Consultations are convened every two years. On these occasions, the National Commissions make suggestions on the draft Programme and Budget (Draft C/5) for the next biennium and every 6 years, on the draft Medium-Term Strategy (Draft C/4), thereby starting the process of programme elaboration.
For practical reasons, the Statutory Conferences and Regional Consultations are jointly organized, one meeting immediately following another.

The National Commissions also hold Regional Informal Meetings during the sessions of UNESCO's General Conference. They then treat and plan all issues pertaining to the activities of the following years together with UNESCO Sectors and Field Units.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the National Commissions organize or attend various Ad Hoc Information Meetings of regional or inter-regional character in order to discuss specific issues relating to their role. The Coordinating Group of National Commissions also holds its meetings during the sessions of the Executive Board.


After the launch of the website for the Member States (, National Commissions were invited to regularly enrich this site with information about their activities.

National Commissions' activities are online at since 
November 2011 - Click here to post your news!

Thus, the section below publishes National Commissions’ activities and other practical information to facilitate exchanges and promote best practices.

National Commissions News and Events

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