Policy and Advocacy

The promotion of the role of National Commissions is the joint responsibility of Member States and UNESCO. The issue of shared responsibilities appeared first in 1978, when UNESCO's General Conference approved the Charter of National Commissions at its 20th session

  • UNESCO deploys constant efforts to advocate the role of National Commissions at various levels and through different channels, targeting all key stakeholders and partners, including sister UN Organizations.
  • UNESCO fosters advocacy, develops policy papers and guidelines, elaborates key documents, launches public information activities and promotes media relations, in order to enhance its long-standing cooperation with National Commissions.
  • Circular Letters addressed to Ministers responsible for relations with UNESCO by the Director-General are important messages, recognizing the special role and unique contribution of National Commissions in UNESCO’s mission.
  • Printed publications and electronic materials for National Commissions are produced in order to keep them abreast of key developments. For the same purpose, the communication tools and services such as the online portal, the database and the Help Package for Website creation are continuously improved and updated.
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