Strategy and Programme

Excerpts from the Medium Term Strategy for 2008-2013 

Document 34 C/4 (pdf 592Ko)

 The network of National Commissions for UNESCO – a constituent element of UNESCO and unique in the United Nations system – has the capacity to facilitate contact and promote interface between Member States and the intellectual and professional communities in each country in order to forge broader alliances as well as to extend the outreach of UNESCO in each Member State.

National Commissions contribute significantly to the pursuit of the Organization’s objectives and the conceptualization, implementation and delivery of its programmes at the regional, subregional and national levels.

UNESCO will continue to strengthen the operational capacities and competencies of the National Commissions and continue to use them in:

  • programme delivery,
  • communication,
  • partnering and mobilization,
  • management of extrabudgetary resources,
  • enhance the networking and cooperation among them to empower their activities.
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