How to support UNESCO Action


The main vehicle for dialogue with partners and donors about the best way to support UNESCO’s action is the Complementary Additional Programme (CAP), where a thematic overview of UNESCO’s resource mobilization objectives is presented.

You can view UNESCO’s programmes and targets in the brochure “UNESCO’s thematic programmes and targets for resource mobilization in 2012 -2013”.

Examples of successful partnerships are also available in the brochure to illustrate how we work. Other showcases can be found on the webpage Areas of Actions.

If you are interested in specific project proposals, you can access our live data base, updated in response to emerging needs and opportunities. The CAP database enables you to conduct your own on-line search by selecting the relevant Programme and Thematic Areas, as well as regions or countries of interest to you.

UNESCO's partners can also second experts to UNESCO. For further information see Secondment of Experts.

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