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US$5.8 million to support local development through community radios in Cameroon

UNESCO and the Government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Territory Development (MINEPAT) have signed an agreement to support local development through community radios for an amount of US$ 5,8 million.

In order to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and those set out in the National Strategic Document for Economic Growth and Employment, UNESCO in collaboration with other development partners has set as a priority to support national development programmes through the provision of appropriate platform for equitable access to information for all.

This programme seeks to enable disadvantaged communities to fully participate in development strategies that will accompany social transformations through behavioural change and increased accountability in the local communities. In this perspective, UNESCO and the Government of Cameroon intend to support community media sub sector that will be equipped with multimedia centres in view of reducing the digital divide in the local communities. 

This programme, which will stretch over four years will rehabilitate 21 existing community radios earlier installed by UNESCO and create 15 new community radios throughout the ten regions of the country.

It was in this context that the Minister of Economy, Plan and Regional Development Mr. NGANOU DJOUMESSI and the Representative of UNESCO Regional Office for Central Africa, Mr Benoit SOSSOU preceded with the signing of the Agreement. The Minister of Communication and Spokesman of the Government, Mr ISSA TCHIROMA, Resident Coordinator of the UN System in Cameroon, Mme Rochdi  NAJAT and the Resident Representative of the African Development Bank, Mr Racine KANE also attended the signing ceremony.

The signing of this agreement demonstrates a mark of renewed confidence for the Yaounde Office which has in the last decade and a half developed 30 community radios in the sub region. This is yet another challenge and a programme that will inspire increased participation of the beneficiary communities in the development initiatives. The programme implementation is expected to begin in the months of October-November 2013.


Cletus Tabe OJONG; c.ojong(at)unesco.org  

Jean Roland ONANA-NKOA; jr.onana-nkoa(at)unesco.org  

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