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Executive Board proposes Katalin Bogyay (Hungary) as President of UNESCO’s forthcoming General Conference

© UNESCO - Katalin Bogyay, the Permanent Delegate of Hungary to UNESCO

UNESCO’s Executive Board will propose Katalin Bogyay as the President of the Organization’s next General Conference whose next session, the 36th, is to begin on 25 October.

Katalin Bogyay, the Permanent Delegate of Hungary to UNESCO, was one of the vice presidents of the 35th session of the General Conference. Before her posting to UNESCO, Ms Bogyay was State Secretary for International Affairs at the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Katalin Bogyay started her career as a theatre and music critic. She has worked as an independent television producer in London and as presenter, producer and editor of music and the arts at Hungary’s National Television. Ms Bogyay has made documentary films and published several books. She entered public service in the Hungarian Ministry of Culture in 1999, when she became the Director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London. 

The General Conference is expected to endorse the appointment of Katalin Bogyay at the opening of its 36th session. Ms Bogyay will be replacing Davidson L. Hepburn (Commonwealth of The Bahamas) who presided the 35th session.

The Executive Board has a rotating membership of 58 Member States who meet twice a year to oversee the implementation of the Programme and Budget of UNESCO, as adopted by the General Conference. The latter determines the Organization’s policies and main lines of work. It brings together the Organization’s 193 Member States every two years.

Presidents of the General Conference direct its work, ensure observance of its rules, and participate in the work of the Executive Board as advisors during the two years of their tenure.

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