07.12.2012 - Partners & Donors

The government of the Netherlands and UNESCO committed to train security forces in Tunisia on freedom of expression

The embassy of the Netherlands in Tunis, on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, concluded an agreement with UNESCO to support the training of security forces on freedom of expression, freedom of press and security of journalists to promote democratic principles in Tunisia.

The safety of journalists has become one of the foremost priorities of media organizations supporting freedom of expression in Tunisia. To assure the success of the democratic transition now underway, it is essential to encourage respect for human rights and democratic principles, freedom of expression and the safety of journalists.

The emphasis of this project will be on the safety of media professionals in order to secure the conditions for the implementation of freedom of expression, press freedom and media pluralism and to ensure that a critical form of journalism can take place, unhindered by any actor, particularly security forces.

The training, organised and coordinated by UNESC0’s Project Office In Tunis, is planned to take place in the coming 8 months and will be set up in cooperation withthe Tunisian Ministry of Interior and Journalist Unions. The initiative expects additional support from SIDA and the Post Conflict Post Disaster (PCPD) fund of UNESCO.

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