The Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F)

© UN/Logan Abassi

At the end of 2006, UNDP and Spain signed an Agreement to establish a special fund to accelerate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The implementation of the projects started in September 2008 and their duration is forseen to 4 years.

Which strategy?

The fund supports actions with significant and measurable impact. It vehicles innovative approaches and enhances their practice. It also strives for mechanisms to develop national identity and national capacity. It operates in conformity with the United Nations Reform and with its various agencies in order to focus the efforts on the 59 eligible countries.

An innovative approval process

This process made it possible to establish a concrete common programme, which was rapidly funded and in tune with the countries' requirements. An optimal efficiency in record time!  

What does UNESCO do?

In less than one century, the world became more united. The development shattered the cultures, but also stimulated them. Today, this path has to be reassessed. The Earth becomes a precious resource that must be dealt with solidarity by the all the humans in their infinite diversity.

Indeed, the culture becomes an essential vehicle of common work towards a sustainable and harmonious development. Whether it deals with water and living conditions, cities as places to live, changing life style or health; the culture is omnipresent. It is the mediator of the development as well as a development factor.

That is why the theme « Culture and Development » was considered. It is managed by UNESCO and gathers 18 national programmes out of the 45 that had been proposed. Each of them shows how culture participates in the development. The 18 beneficiary countries choose a pertinent and coherent axis to demonstrate it.  

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