Cooperation with the World Bank in the framework of GPE (Global partnership for Education)

Boys Public School, Amman, Jordan 2011 ©UNESCO/ T. Habjouqa

One of the salient features of UNESCO’s cooperation with the World Bank over the period includes close engagement with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) hosted by the World Bank.

The Global Partnership for Education (formerly known as Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFAFTI)) is a partnership between developing and donor countries, agencies, and civil society organizations focused on accelerating progress toward the EFA goals, for girls and boys alike, by 2015. Initially established in 2002 as EFA FTI, the Global Partnership for Education has recently undergone a transition to more fully draw on the strengths of the Partnership, particularly around collaboration and harmonization at country level. The Global Partnership Compact explicitly links increased donor support for education to recipient countries’ policy performance and accountability for results. In addition, the Global Partnership aims to accelerate progress toward the EFA goals by promoting:

  • Further development effectiveness and more efficient aid for basic education;
  • Sound sector policies in education;
  • Adequate and sustainable domestic financing for education;
  • Sustained increases in aid for basic education; and
  • Increased accountability for sector results.

In November 2012, the GPE Board approved a project in Chad, amounting to US$ 47.2 million, in which UNESCO will take on jointly with UNICEF the role of Managing Entity for the execution of the project. 

In 2013, UNESCO received further funding from the GPE: US$ 242 000 for the preparation and coordination of Cambodia’s Education Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018 (ESP), and US$ 16 million attributed over a period of two years 2013 -2014 for the execution of the project ‘Strengthening Civil Participation in Education Policy Dialogue and Monitoring’, whereby UNESCO will take on the role of Supervising Entity.

Furthermore, the GPE Board approved US$ 4.7 million for projects to be executed by UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP).

For more information on the GPE Partnership consult their website at

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