Support to the implementation of the teacher education strategy

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This programme will contribute to the Palestinian vision for education through increased access to quality education. It provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) in developing systems and operational frameworks needed for the successful implementation of the Teacher Education Strategy in Palestine. The programme has received funding in the past from both Norway and Italy, and  is now supported by the European Union.         

Programme Description        

The programme is implemented over three years and it will focus on building capacity of the MoEHE to manage the teaching profession towards effective learning in schools. It will do this through the development of permanent MoEHE structures, operational frameworks, partnerships and technical skills. In the long term this will enable Palestine to better address its education and development challenges.

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The programme will comprise three interrelated components:

  • Improved management and institutional capacity of the teacher education system (for pre-service, in-service and career development);
  • Improved status and motivation of the teachers;
  • Enhanced  relevance and coherence of teacher training and professional development.        

Therefore, the establishment of Ministry structures and systems, frameworks and the necessary capacity development will be a parallel and interlinked process.

The achievement of the three components will lead to a well managed, effective and motivated teaching force which supports children’s learning and contributes to the greater goals of peace, human rights and tolerance.                

National Ministry structures, frameworks and systems will be established, based on the proposed Education Management Information System (EMIS) and national studies and research. Advocacy, collaboration and information sharing targeting a wide range of stakeholders will be paramount in order to develop ownership, understanding of, and commitment to the implementation of the Teacher Education Strategy. This will be addressed through the development and implementation of an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Strategy.

© UNESCO/Robert E. Sullivan


The main beneficiaries of this programme will be the teachers in terms of their access to a coherent model of teacher training, ongoing professional support, career progression and raised status and enhanced working conditions.        

The direct beneficiary will be the MoEHE whose strengthened capacity will facilitate their lead on the implementation of teacher education strategy. Other beneficiaries will be the providers of training and professional development through capacity building and opportunities to collaborate and share experiences within and beyond Palestine through networks and information sharing mechanisms.

The ultimate beneficiaries will be the students.

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