Danone GmbH and the Biosphere

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An innovatove parthership was concluded in 2008 between Danone Water GmbH and UNESCO. Its aim is to promote and support the biosphere reserves in Germany. Indeed, Danone Waters Deutschland provides generous financial support to endorse projects aiming at improving or safeguarding the quality of water (lakes, rivers, subterranean waters), in the 15 biospheres in Germany.  

The partnership seeks to increase the visibility of the biosphere reserves and of their activities, especially in cooperation with the new brand "Volvic Landfrucht".

"The responsibility does not end at the office door". That is the business philosophy of the Danone group defined by our former Chairman of the Executive Board Antoine Riboud already in 1972 and still relevant. Our economic action is based on two levels: modern economy and social responsibility. As a producer of natural mineral water, protection of natural resources and their neighbourhood is our top priority. We are socially and economically committed to projects focused on water. Together with UNESCO we support German biosphere reserves. This initiative links environmental protection with economy. It has been close to our heart for two years (Christine Siemssen, Director, Danone Waters Deutschland GmbH).

Biosphere reserves are sites recognized under UNESCO's Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme. It fosters harmonious integration of people and the nature for a sustainable development through participatory dialogue, knowledge sharing and human well-being improvements, respect for cultural values and society's capacity to cope with change.


There are 15 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Germany:

  • Elbe River Landscape
  • Vessertal- Thuringian Forest
  • Berchtesgaden
  • Wadden Sea and Hallig Islands of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Schorfheide-Chorin
  • Rhön
  • Spree Forest
  • South - East Rügen
  • Wadden Sea of Hamburg
  • Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony
  • Palatinate Forest (D) – Northern Vosges
  • Upper Lausitz Heath and Pond Landscape
  • Schaalsee Lake
  • Swabian Alb
  • Bliesgau  
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