ERAIFT – Sustainable management of natural resources in Sub-Saharan Africa

The academic secretary, Mr. Jean-Pierre Mate Mweru during the graduation ceremony.

Building Capacity for the 21st Century

The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to 47% of all African tropical forests. The forest resting on the Congo Basin in Central Africa represents 26% of the total global tropical forests and is integral to climate regulation. Supporting the preservation of biodiversity in the region is therefore essential.

In 1999 and in response to a lack of capacity to sustainably manage natural resources, the DRC government created, together with 10 other African countries and UNESCO, the Ecole Régionale d’Aménagement et de Gestion Intégrée des forêts et Territoires tropicaux (ERAIFT) located on the University of Kinshasa campus.

As a regional institution of higher education, ERAIFT offers a comprehensive curriculum meeting the current requirements and needs of sustainable development and global environmental governance, for tropical areas in particular. To date, ERAIFT has trained 136 African leaders (133 Masters and 3 Ph.D) and it is currently training 74 future African leaders (41 DESS and 33 Ph.D), from 21 different French and Portuguese-speaking African countries. The curriculum is dedicated to offering valuable training to a new generation of experts who will be able to manage increasingly complex situations in the field, and thus improve both the living conditions of the population and the quality of the biophysical environment: two critical conditions that are conducive to sustainable development and poverty eradication.

ERAIFT's initiatives also aim at developing partnerships with both international and regional institutions, such as the Federal University of Pará in Belém, Brazil and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences through a South-South cooperation agreement, as well as with various networks from the forest sector and environmental NGOs in order to promote research and development projects and opportunities in the region.

The institution is praised for its systemic approach to training and its field placement opportunities, seminars and alumni association. ERAIFT is also considered as a Centre of Excellence, as it strives to achieve, together with its partners, world-class levels for training services, regular or tailor-made programmes and distance education.


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