Information for suppliers accepting Coupons for payment of goods/services


1. Where should Coupons be sent for redemption?

Suppliers and institutions accepting UNESCO Coupons as payment for goods or services should send them for redemption directly to the UNESCO Coupons Programme, UNESCO, 7 Place de Fontenoy 75352 Paris 07 SP France. The coupons should not be sent through a bank or any other intermediary. For quickness and security, we advise recommend to send the Coupons and the supporting documentation via a secured mail service (DHL, FedEx., etc). See the lists of suppliers accepting UNESCO Coupons. These lists are not exhaustive and you may contact us in case you need information on other suppliers.

2. What are the conditions for the redemption of Coupons?

The Coupons, whose value is expressed in US dollars, are redeemed in the supplier's national currency at the official United Nations rate of exchange on the day of transaction. For the Coupons redemption the supplier has to send us the following: - a copy of the client invoice; - the signed Agreement Form for the handling fees; - complete bank account details (i.e. bank name; full bank address; branch name, address and code; account number; account name; IBAN and SWIFT codes, account currency); - Coupons duly endorsed by the purchaser.


The supplier should verify that the Coupons bear the stamp of the distributing body where they were purchased, in the lower left-hand corner of each Coupon, as well as the signature/stamp of the user in the lower right-hand corner. 

3.Handling fees for Coupons redemption

UNESCO charges, in agreement with the supplier, a handling fee when the Coupons are redeemed which is used to cover part of the overhead costs of the Programme. The rate of the fee, which is dependent upon the value of the Coupons redeemed, is as follows:

  • for amounts up to $100: 5%
  • for amounts from $101 to $1,000: 4%
  • for amounts over $1,000: 3%

This handling fee should be absorbed by the supplier and not charged back to the Coupons user.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The handling fee is applied only to commercial suppliers of goods and services. It is not applied to educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools, etc.), research institutes, charitable associations, foundations, professional associations and other not-for-profit organisations.

4. Is the material/equipment purchased with UNESCO Coupons exempt from customs duties?

If your country agrees to exempt from custom duties the material/equipment purchased with UNESCO Coupons, special labels can be obtained from the Coupons Programme which could facilitate the customs clearance.

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