UNESCO’s 60th anniversary began with a round of 60 weeks of celebration, starting in October 2005 which also coincided with the 33rd session of the General Conference. Among the souvenirs specially created for the occasion is a commemorative medal in the shape of a spinning top. This is the first UNESCO medal to use colour.

The obverse displays a pinwheel design of alternating blue and bronze bands to emphasize a spinning effect, even in static position. The anniversary slogan “Thinking and building peace” is inscribed on these bands. The reverse features the special 60th anniversary logo.

The medal was minted by Pichard-Balme, a French master-medallist company specializing in this activity since 1844. The sculptor and medallist Joaquín Jiménez created the original design. Among many creations, Jiménez also designed the French sides of the one and two-euro coins.

Available in bronze and gold-plated silver.

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