UNESCO minted a medal in 1985 to commemorate the birth centenary of Niels Bohr, one of the most eminent scientists of the 20th century. Born in Denmark in 1885, he is considered the father of quantum physics and his thinking on the ethics of science has infused UNESCO’s work. The medal was sculpted by Siv Holme-Muse of Sweden and struck by the Paris Mint, the obverse bearing the profile of the 1922 Nobel Prize laureate repeated six times.

The reverse incorporates Bohr’s own drawing of electrons orbiting around an atomic structure and the formula E2-E1=hy2, representing electrons in relation to hydrogen, as well as the scientist’s signature. To the right of the centre is the inscription Contraria sunt complementa (Opposites are complementary), the principle of complementarity Bohr formulated from quantum physics.

Available in gold, silver and bronze


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