To mark the closing of the International Year to Commemorate the Struggle against Slavery and its Abolition, the Director-General presented the Toussaint Louverture Prize to the famous Martiniquais poet Aimé Césaire and Abdias do Nascimento, a founder of the Teatro Expérimental do Negro, the first organization to introduce the rehabilitation of the Afro-Brazilian heritage in the fight against discrimination. The prize is named after the freed slave who led the fight for Haiti’s independence. Awarded exceptionally for 2004, it celebrates contribution to the struggle against domination, racism and intolerance.

A medal was minted for the occasion, the obverse bearing the portrait of the Haitian statesman. The reverse is inscribed Année internationale de commémoration de la lutte contre l’esclavage et de son abolition, 1804-2004 around the UNESCO logo. The hallmark of the Paris Mint, MdP, for Monnaie de Paris, also appears.

Available in bronze



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