At the crossroads of the great civilizations of Asia,, the monuments of the Kathmandu Valley illustrate Nepalese art at its height. These comprise seven groups of Hindu and Buddhist sites, as well as the three residential and palace areas of the royal cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Among the 130 monuments are pilgrimage centres, shrines, bathing sites and gardens – all places of veneration for both religious groups.

UNESCO launched a campaign for the safeguarding of the monuments in 1979, threatened by pollution, urban sprawl and the build-up of motor traffic. The monuments’ inscription on the World Heritage List and the minting of a commemorative medal also in 1979 accompanied the campaign.

The obverse features the Hindu divinity Shiva with the linga, the phallic emblem. The reverse offers a selection of stupas representative of the architectural style of the valley, dominated by the famous Swayambu, as well as a tiered temple roof. The medal was designed by A. Chitrakar and engraved by Max Léognany.

Available in gold, silver and bronze

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