Making gender equality a reality in UNESCO domains

Gender Equality Action Plan 2014-2021

UNESCO’s commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment is facilitated by the Division for Gender Equality in the Office of the Director-General.

As the UNESCO focal point for gender equality, the Division provides policy guidance and recommendation in the Secretariat, carries out capacity-building and coordinates cutting edge research in order to provide informed policy advice to Member States. The Division also monitors gender parity within the UNESCO Secretariat.

Ensuring the promotion of Gender Equality

The Division for Gender Equality is responsible for ensuring the promotion of Gender Equality at UNESCO both in programming and in the Secretariat. This work is based on a two-pronged approach involving both gender-specific programmes and gender mainstreaming within UNESCO’s five areas of competence (Education; Natural Sciences; Social and Human Sciences; Culture; and Communication and Information), guided by the Priority Gender Equality Action Plan for 2014-2021.

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