Porsche and the Partnership

© UNESCO/Porsche

Porsche, one of the world’s leading automotive companies and a longstanding supporter of women’s professional tennis, donated in May 2007, €50,000 to benefit the partnership formed between UNESCO and the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, the governing body of the world’s leading global sport for women. 


Porsche’s generous donation and commitment to this cause will assist in promoting and creating women’s leadership programmes throughout the world. The funds will also support development of programmes for mentoring, scholarship and fellowship designed to create opportunities and environments that are conducive for women and girls to succeed in all walks of life.

“Porsche has been a proud supporter of women’s tennis for over 30 years and we are equally proud to support a partnership that will create opportunities for women and girls throughout the world.” - Thierry Kartochian (Financial Director of Porsche France)

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