11.07.2017 - GENDER

EMULIES Conference on women’s leadership in higher education institutions.

Within the framework of the fifth EMULIES Conference, held on 6 and 7 July in Lima, Peru, Ms Corat, Director in the Division for Gender Equality delivered a keynote speech on women leadership in higher education.

EMULIES is a network of university rectors, deans and professors in the Americas to promote women’s leadership in higher learning and research institutions. During her keynote, DIR/ODG/GE presented up to date data and current challenges and opportunities for women to take up leadership positions in universities and other higher education institutions. Participants shared their appreciation for the work that UNESCO carries out for the advocacy and participation of women in leadership, particularly in the higher education sector. On 5 July, DIR/ODG/GE has addressed an audience of over 40 international scholars at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perù and delivered a speech on UNESCO Chairs and their role to support efforts for gender equality.

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