17.10.2007 -

34th session of the General Conference Side Event : "Priority Gender Equality 2008-2013"

The Section for Women and Gender Equality of the Bureau of Strategic Planning (BSP/WGE) will organize an information session, followed by questions and answers, on the preparation of UNESCO’s Priority Gender Equality Action Plan for 2008-2013 on Wednesday 17 October 2007 from 10 to 11 a.m. in Room IX.

In addition to Africa, Gender Equality is to be designated as one of two global priorities of the Organization and both priorities are related.

The purpose of the side-event is to:

  1. present UNESCO’s new focus on Gender Equality as a global priority;
  2. describe the consultative process through which UNESCO intends to translate this priority into action through the development of a targeted “Priority Gender Equality Action Plan for 2008-2013”; and
  3. solicit everybody's feedback and ideas.

The Action Plan will thus be developed in close collaboration with all the Programme Sectors, the Field Offices and the other organizations of the UN system and partners.

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