19.09.2009 -

Announcement: "The Fourth Wave" - a New Online Forum on AIDS and Gender


The SSRC, UNESCO and UNIFEM announce the launch of a new on-line forum, “The Fourth Wave: Violence, Gender & HIV in the 21st Century”, to discuss the gendered structural inequalities that have a direct bearing on women's and girls' vulnerability to HIV.

In the third decade of the HIV and AIDS epidemic, women and particularly young women and girls have become a growing proportion of those affected and infected. A moderated online discussion will allow practitioners, policy makers and scholars to debate why the response to the epidemic is failing women. The online forum will precede the forthcoming Fourth Wave book, chapters of which are posted in the publications section of our website.


  • Introductory essays by Veena Das, Didier Fassin, Mary Crewe, Philip Setel, Vinh-Kim Nguyen and Jennifer Klot.                
  • Nicoli Nattrass on why men access antiretroviral treatment far less frequently than women in South Africa.                  
  • Lisa Ann Richey on how rock stars and other celebrities are changing the modalities of international aid for AIDS along gendered lines.                
  • Shao Jing on blood plasma markets in China and how they have shaped the country’s AIDS epidemic.                
  • Charlotte Watts on how to and how not to measure sexual behaviour.                
  • Cynthia Buckley on patterns of labour migration in the Southern Caucasus and how it affects women's vulnerability to HIV.  

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