23.12.2006 -

UNESCO pays tribute to 60 women contributing to the 60 years of UNESCO

60 years of UNESCO’s history are brought to life through the voices of 60 women who either have contributed, or who continue to contribute to UNESCO in different capacities. This volume gathers their perspectives, thus providing

a unique documentation of the critical role women play in building UNESCO and in promoting its ideals.

We are proud of, and grateful to, the 60 women who agreed to participate in this project, who responded gracefully to questions we developed, and who either have made, or continue to make, invaluable contributions within all UNESCO spheres of competence. Some hold, or have held, high positions in the Organization, some have led or inspired UNESCO’s work in Member States, some have been in charge of programmes, projects, committees or juries, others have lent their status, name or talents to help advance UNESCO’s objectives. Some are, or were the first – if not the only – woman ever to hold a given position in UNESCO.

This publication was conceptualized, directed and edited by : 

  • Ingeborg Breines, Director of the UNESCO Liaison Office Geneva, and
  • Hans d’Orville, Director of the Bureau of Strategic Planning, UNESCO.

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